“1970: Nixon and Discord during the Vietnam War"

April 9-11, 2020

MCM Elegante Hotel, Lubbock, Texas

Attention: April 2020 VNCA/IPAC Vietnam War Conference Postponed

Like everyone around the country and world, we have been closely monitoring news regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus along with the guidance being provided from local, state, and federal authorities on how best to manage this growing pandemic. In response, Texas Tech University leadership this morning cancelled classes for the week following spring break and we will be conducting online classes the first week of April and thereafter until further notice.

Based on this and other guidance received over the past week, and to help minimize travel associated health risks to our presenters and guests, we are postponing our Vietnam War conference scheduled for April 9-11, 2020.

If you have made plans to join us, please be sure to contact your airline to receive refunds/credits toward future travel and be sure to cancel any other conference related reservations (hotels, rental cars, etc.). We will share additional information in the coming weeks/months as this situation resolves and we can, again, host this important conference.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this might cause. We wish you, your family and friends the best of luck and good health as we all persevere through this together.

The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive (VNCA) and the Institute for Peace & Conflict (IPAC) at Texas Tech University are pleased to announce a conference focused on the year 1970. We expect in this conference to approach a wide range of historical events and topics by hosting presenters who examine diplomatic, military, international, regional, and domestic aspects of the Vietnam War. We also seek presentations that reflect the recent and emerging scholarship on the policies, strategies, and decisions of President Nixon, General Abrams, and their advisors and deputies as they sought to bring about a successful conclusion to the Vietnam War. At the same time, 1970 was a year of major domestic discord inside the United States, including the shootings at Kent State University, the Hard Hat Riot in New York City, among various antiwar and anti-draft protests. Additional areas of interest include major combat operations such as the Battle of Fire Support Base Ripcord, as well as the political, strategic, and tactical decision-making to expand the war into Cambodia with the Cambodian Incursion and into Laos with Operation Tailwind. We also encourage presentations that examine the social and religious aspects of the war, the effect of journalism and reporting on the war, and the efforts to end the conflict through international diplomacy. We seek presentations that reflect the perspectives of all participants, including those of the US, RVN, DRV, NLF, and all other nations involved.