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Walter Wylie Collection
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2 linear feet
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D037.6A-C, D057.3 (Oversize), Periodical Collection, Cold Storage Vault, Library
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R. Grau, Feb. 2003[Updated: Aug. 2010 by M. Barnard]
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Scope and Content

This collection consists of newspapers from Saigon; Vietnamese language textbooks and lessons; 1st Logistical Command magazine and book; and various other materials ranging from a copy of a poster to Congressional reports to a map of Saigon. Also included in the collection are numerous newsletters from various veteran organizations including Indochina Digest; Insider; Vietnam Insight; and Vietnam Bulletin. The collection also has in numerous artifacts including two swords, a Vietnam flag, a deck of survival cards, arrows, and a straw conical hat.

Rights and Access

Access Restrictions
Collection is open for research

Collection Inventory

1st Logistical Command, Vietnam (April 1968)
Procurement Support in Vietnam 1966 - 1968.
Newspapers: The Observer (May 15, 1968)
The Army Reporter (May 25, 1968)
The Army Reporter (June 29, 1968)
The Saigon Post (May 20, 1968)
The Saigon Post (May 21, 1968)
The Saigon Post (June 5, 1968)
Saigon Daily News (June 5, 1968)
Tourist map of Saigon
Photocopy of a poster extolling the virtues of the soldiers in Vietnam
Copy of a certificate from the Defense Department appointing Wiley a Contracting Officer (September 18, 1967)
List of observations and recommedations of the departing chief compiled by Wiley (July 12, 1968)
CRS Report for Congress. Vietnam: Procedural and Jurisdictional Questions Regarding Possible Normalization of U.S. Diplomatic and Economic Relations by Vladimir N. Pregelj, Robert G. Sutter, Alan K. Yu, and Larry Q. Nowels (August 4, 1994)
Cheng & Tsui Company Catalog, Spring/Summer 2003
Things Asian
List of materials donated to the Vietnam Archive by Wiley.
Tactical Order of Battle Question Guide in Vietnamese and English
A Study: Prospects for the Viet Cong (December 1966)
Diary of an Infiltrator (December 1966)
Vietnamese Basic Course: Glossary
Vietnamese (Saigon): Phonetic Drills, Lessons 1 - 6
Vietnamese: Introduction to the Standard Writing System
Vietnamese Basic Course: Phonology
Vietnamese Basic Course: Glossary Lessons 69 - 100
Vietnames Basic Course (Volume 1): Guide to Pronunciation and Lessons 1 - 10
MNR (Movement for National Reconciliation) - To Search for a Just Peace in South Vietnam, August 15, 1972
Changes in SVN Government Leadership from November 1, 1963 to January 19, 1965
Circular on Build-Operate-Transfer, February 28, 1994
Directory of Educational and Cultural Exchanges with Indochina, 1994
Directory of Institutions and Government Officials of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, January 1994
Foreign Investment in Vietnam - 100 Questions and Answers
Summary on Projects Calling for Foreign Investment in Khanh Hoa Province, 1994
Sourcing Opportunities - Vietnam (An Essential Guide for Traders), 1994
Vietnam - Financial Sector Review: An Agenda for Financial Sector Development, July 20, 1994
Guide-Book for Foreign Investors in Vietnam, May 1995
Indochina Digest (all or part of Volumes 7, 8 and 9 1994 - 1996). A program of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.
Indochina Digest (all or part of Volumes 7, 8 and 9 [1994 - 1996]). A program of the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation.
The Insider (all or part of Volumes 14, 15 and 16 [1995 - 1998]). Newsletter about POWs in Southeast Asia.
Interchange: Fostering Cooperation with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Cuba (Volume 12:2, Summer 2002)
Indochina Interchange (June 1994, Volume 4, Number 2)
Vietnam Journal (Spring 1995, Volume 3, Number 1). A newsletter for human rights and development
Defense POW / MIA Weekly Update (March 24, 1995)
Reflections from the Wall (Fall, 1996, Volume 2 Number 4) Newsletter from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Vietnamese American Studies Center Quarterly (Spring 1997). Published by San Francisco State University.
Brochure printed by the International Campaign to Ban Landmines
US Personnel Missing : Southeast Asia (Includes Foreign Nationals) October 1994. Printed by the Defense Department POW / MIA Office
Vietnam Business Mission to the USA from August 15 - 29, 1995.
Ho Chi Minh City. Booklet produced by the Construction Department, Saigon.
National Vietnam Veterans Coalition publication (October - November, 1994).
National Vietnam Veterans Coalition correspondence
National Vietnam Veterans Coalition brief history and set of goals.
List of National Vietnam Veterans Coalition member groups (August 13, 1994)
Tien Phong (Vietnamese language publication)
A Handbook on California Education for Language Minority Parents - Vietnamese / English Edition. California State Department of Education, Sacramento, 1986.
East Meets West Foundation. 6th Annual Bridge of Peace Awards
Van Mieu Historical Cultural Vestige brochure produced by the Center of Cultural - Scientific Activities, Hanoi
Vietnam Breiefing Book (November 1994) produced by the US / Vietnam Trade Council
Contents include: Useful phone numbers and addresses in Vietnam and the US
US policy towards Vietnam
Vietnamese statements on foreign investment and relations
Actions of the US Congress
Non-government opinion
Clippings and articles
US / Vietnam Trade Council folder of information
Vietnam Insight: A forum sponsored by the National United Front for the Liberation of Vietnam (all or part of Volumes 5, 6 and 7. June 1994 - May 1996)
Vietnam Bulletin (Volume 7 Numbers 1 - 10

and Volume 9, Number 1). Newsletter of travel and business.
Computer printout of Landpower essay series: Contractors on the Battlefield by Dr. Charles R. Shrader (May 1999)
The VVA Veteran (Nov / Dec 1992

Jan - Mar, Sept - Dec 1994

Jan - Jul, Oct 1995)
California Zephyr (VVA Newspaper). All or part of Volumes 5, 6, 7 and 8 (1992 - 1995). Other issues, 2000 - 2003.
Tho' Thu'y Tien by Y Lang - Minh Chi, Phat Han'h, 1996.
Handbook for Teaching Vietnamese Speaking Students, 1994.
Essential English-Vietnamese Dictionary by Nguyen Dinh-Hoa, 1991.
The Global Failure of Socialism by Richard M. Eberling, 1992.
Vietnam: Business and Investment Opportunities by Tan Cheng Leong and Terence T. S. Lim, 1993.
The Cold War: A History by Martin Walker, 1993.
Hanging Sam: A Military Biography from General Samuel T. Williams - From Pancho Villa to Vietnam by Colonel H. J. Meyer, 1990.
Fourteen Landing Zones: Approaches to Vietnam War Literature edited by Philip H. Jason, 1991.
Saigon: The Final Days by Ralph S. Watts, 1990.
Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer in Vietnam: The Definitive Guide to Protecting Your Company's Intellectual and Industrial Property in Vietnam by Laurence J. Brahm, 1994.
Vietnam: A Reporter's War by Hugh Lunn, 1985.
Combat Recon: My Year with the ARVN by Robert D. Parish, 1991.
Mao Tse Tung - Selected Works, Vol. 1, 1954.
Mao Tse Tung - Selected Works, Vol. 2, 1954.
Mao Tse Tung - Selected Works, Vol. 3, 1954.
Mao Tse Tung - Selected Works, Vol. 4, 1954.
Area Handbook - Vietnam, A Country Study, 1989.
A Time for War: The United States in Vietnam, 1941-1975 by Robert D. Schulzinger, 1997.
Where The Ashes Are: The Odyssey of a Vietnamese Family by Nguyen Qui Duc, 1994.
Bound to Empire: The United States and The Philippines by H. W. Brands, 1992.
Ten Vietnamese by Susan Sheehan, 1967.
Cruel April: The Fall of Saigon by Oliver Todd, translated from French by Stephen Becker, 1990.
Soviet Casualties and Combat Losses in the Twentieth Century edited by Colonel-General G. F. Krivosheev, 1997.
One Day in a Long War - May 10, 1972, Air War, North Vietnam by Jeffrey Ethell and Alfred Price, 1989.
List of Licensed Projects in 1993, 1993.
A Legal Handbook for Foreign Investors in Vietnam, 1994.
A Missing Piece - Vietnam: Finally Healing the Pain by Robert Seiple with Gregg Lewis, 1991.
Cold Warrior - James Jesus Angleton: The CIA's Master Spy Hunter by Tom Magold, 1991.
Foreign Investment and Trade Law in Vietnam, 1992
The Last Klick by Robert Flynn, 1994.
Thunderbolt - From the Battle of the Bulge to Vietnam and Beyond: General Creighton Abrams and the Army of His Times by Lewis Sorley, 1992.
The Soviet High Command, 1967-1989: Personalities and Politics by Dale Herspring, 1990.
The First Domino: Eisenhower, the Military, and America's Intervention in Vietnam by James R. Arnold, 1991.
Herbert: The Making of a Soldier by Anthony B. Herbert, 1981.
Vietnam - Why We Fought: An Illustrated History by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler, 1990.
Special Forces and Missions: The New Faces of War, Time-Life, 1991.
Vietnam Opportunities: The Official Vietnamese Business Guide, 1992.
Southeast Asia: Library of Nations, Time-Life, 1987.
America in Vietnam: The Fifteen Year War by Dr. John Guilmartin, 1991.
Vietnam: Risks, Rewards and Regulations by Terence Lim and Guo Lih Chyi, 1994.
Southeast Asia by Robert Young Pelton and Wink Dulles (travel guide)
Why Vietnmam Still Matters: The War and the Wall, compiled by Jan Scruggs
Voices from the Wall compiled by Jan Scruggs
Te - Tao Ching by Lao - Tzu. Translated by Robert G. Henricks
Soldiers, Spies, and the Rat Line: America's Undeclared War Against the Soviets by Col. James V. Milano, US Army (Ret.), and Patrick Brogan
Lemnitzer: A Soldier for His Time by L. James Binder
The 1994 US - Vietnam Business Guide. William S. Loiry, editor

Virginia B. Foote, co-editor

and Glenn P. Hendrix
Importing from Vietnam: A buyer's manual for selecting supplioers, negotiating orders and arranging methods of payment for more profitable purchasing. Published by Trade Media Ltd.
The Pentagon Papers: Abridged Edition. Edited by George C. Herring
Vietnam: Then and Now by David Tornquist and Guido Alberto Rossi
Land of the Ascending Dragon: Rediscovering Vietnam by Paaul Martin and Steve Raymer
Taking Refuge in L.A.: Life in a Vietnamese Buddhist temple by Rick Fields and Don Farber
Vietnam Veterans of America Membership Directory, 1996

Separated Materials

Hanoi tourist map (Map collection: Section 12, Drawer 8 Folder 1).
Museum Objects
Vietnam flag Vietnam style conical hat (straw) one pack of survival cards Bamboo quiver Wooden arrows (eleven) Two short swords each with a wooden scabbard.
Moving Images
Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War, Special Collector's Edition, Six Tapes.

Why Vietnam? Plus Know Your Enemy - The Viet Cong.

Television's Vietnam.
Vietnamese Language Basic Course Tapes.
Tien Phong.

International Institute for Asian Studies, March 2003.

Vietnam Today, April 1994 - January 1996.

Destination: Vietnam, January - December 1995.

Heritage, January - December 1994.

Vietnam Business, January 1-15, 1994 and July 1-15,.


Digitized Materials

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

To search for items within this collection, or within all of the holdings of the Vietnam Archive, go to the Virtual Vietnam Archive