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Van Michael Davidson Collection
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4.0 linear feet
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D049.6A; Library; Photograph Collection; Museum Objects; Periodical Collection; Restricted Access
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J. Saffell, May. 2007[Updated: Feb. 2012 by R. Nanes]
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Scope and Content

Photocopied articles and clippings, correspondence with Secretary of the Navy James Webb, Presidents Nixon and Reagan and other government officials; Information on Vietnam Veterans memorial fund, 1981; Information on Louisiana Vietnam Veterans Memorial fund, 1984-1986; unpublished manuscript: A Journey to Geneva, A Vietnam Memoir by Van Davidson (2000); Legacies of Vietnam: Comparative Adjustment of Veterans and their peers, March 1981; letter to Peter Braestrup (January 16, 1985); and a letter from Frank McCarthy (October 1, 1970) detail Davidson's experiences related to Vietnam.

Rights and Access

Access Restrictions
Collection is open for research

Collection Inventory

Information about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Project 
Congressional Records (November 8, 1979

April 30, 1980

May 13, 1980)
Vietnam Memorial: Another Symbol of Frustration for Vets (Washington Post May 26, 1980)
Various memoranda regarding Memorial Day Services, May 1980
Various news releases regarding Memorial Day Services 1980
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Design Competition Rules and Registration Booklet
Four programs for the National Vietnam Veterans Memorial Day Service (May 26, 1980)
Various other materials related to Memorial Day 1980
As Conscription is Revived: Memories of McNamara's One Hundred Thousand (4 copies, no date, some +signed by author - illegible)
Legacies of Vietnam : Comparative Adjustment of Veterans and their Peers (A study conducted for the Veterans Administratioin) by Arthur Egendorf Ph.D., Charles Kadushen Ph.D., Robert Laufer Ph.D., George Rothbart Ph.D., and Lee Sloan Ph.D. (March 1981)
Brief History of the Government of Vietnam (GVN) During the Vietnam War by Douglas Pike. Chapter included in the forthcoming book - South Vietnam: Autopsy of a Compound Crisis
United States - Vietnam Security Issues by Douglas Pike (1990)
The Religions of Vietnam (published by MACV, January 1970)
Vietnam Summary: Military Operations After the Cease-Fire Agreement Parts I and II by MG Charles J. Timmes (published in August and September 1976 in Miliary Review)
If I Become a Prisoner of War by Col. J. Howard Dunn and Maj. W, Hays Parks
The Vietnam Veteran: A Preliminary Analysis of Psychosocial Status by Jan Scruggs M.A., Alan Berman Ph.D., and Carol Hoage M.A. (published in Military Medicine Vol. 145, No. 4, April 1980)
The History of Vietnam Veterans by Forrest Lindley (special to Stars and Stripes) 
Initial Policy Decisions: Who Would Live and Who Would Die (11.11.82)
Fear and Loathing in the White House and the VA (no date)
Vietnam Veterans Policy: The Real Powers That Be (11.25.82)
The Legislative History of the Vietnam Veteran by Forrest Lindley (special to Stars and Stripes) 
The GI Bill: Denying Readjustment to the Most Needy Veterans (12.2.82)
The GI Bill: Fighting for Tuition Assistance (12.9.82)
The Betrayal (12.23.82)
1974: The Aftermath of the Battle (1.13.83)
Clemency and Enmity (1.20.83)
Psychological Readjustment (no date)
Employment (no date)
The Year: 1976 (2.17.83)
1976: Reelection Versus Readjustment (2.24.83)
1976: The Elections (3.3.83)
To President Nixon (4.4.72)
Response to letter to Nixon from James Doolin, Deputy Assistant Secretary (6.5.72)
To President Reagan (9.30.83)
Response to letter to Reagan from Anne Higgins, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Correspondence (11.16.83)
To William F. Ryan (5.21.84)
To Joe Baucum (6.6.84)
To President Reagan (3.5.85)
From Tom Pauken (3.21.85)
From Tom Pauken (6.24.85)
From [name obscured] (8.27.90)
Soldier by George L. Skypeck
The Letter of All Letters by Jim Rice (10.20.67) (4 copies)
Biographical sketches of General Creighton Abrams 
From Dictionary of American Military Biography: Volume I (A-G)
From Current Biography (October 1968)
From Office, Chief of Information: Department of the Army (current as of August 1974)
September 4, 1974
General Orders # 32 (September 4, 1974)
Miscellaneous Abrams material 
Article from US News and World Report (8.26.68): A Different War Now with Abrams in Command
Photocopy of citation for Distinguished Service Cross (2.22.45)
Saigon Press Review of Vietnamese and Chinese Dailies (October 16, 1970)
Delta Military Assistance Command newsletters 
Issue # 46 (8.31.79)
Issue # 50 (9.28.70)
Issue # 56 (11.10.70)
Issue # 58 (11.24.70)
Issue # 59 (12.1.70)
Issue # 60 (12.8.70)
Issue # 62 (12.22.70)
Issue # 63 (12.29,70)
Issue # 69 (2.9.71)
Issue # 72 (3.2.71)
Articles regarding press censorship and military activity 
From Military Law Review: The Knox Court-Martial: W.T. Sherman Puts the Press on Trial (no date)
From Army: They Fired the Words Heard Round the World (September 1975)
From Time (6.25.73)
From Case and Comment: The Public's Right to Know (Jan. - Feb. 1972)
The Wide Open 1st Amendment (no date, no discernible source)
From US Naval Institute Proceedings: Freedom of the Press or Treason (September 1977)
From Commentary: With the Press in Vietnam (May 1982)
From Army Times: 'Nam Turned Spotlight on Public Affairs: Q & A with General Winant Sidle (2.16.76)
From Army Times: We Have Met the Enemy and They Is Us (2.16.76)
From The Stars and Stripes: Censorship (3.9.76)
From The Washington Post: Shadow Over the Press Corps (3.6.81)
From US Naval Institute Proceedings: Military Cover and Deception vs. Freedom of Information (December 1975)
Advertisement for Television's Vietnam: The Impact of Media
Miscellaneous material 
Invitation to the Transfer Ceremony of Soc Trang Army Airfield over to the Vietnamese Air Force (11.4.70)
Acknowledgement of receipt of resignation request
Various articles related to Vietnam and the press
Book Excerpts
Delta Military Assistance Command Press Kit: Turnover of US Army Airfield at Soc Trang (11.4.70)
Department of State Bulletin Vol. 72, No. 1872 (5.12.75)
Coomand Information Pamphlet 9-70: Chieu Hoi: The Winning Ticket (March 1970)
Pacification and Development (1970) card
Perpetual calendar (1776 - 2050)
From Foreign Affairs: The Indochina War and World Politics (July 1975)
From Foreign Affairs: Goals. Ideology, and Foreign Policy (January 1976)
From Military Review: A Possible Historical Mistake: The Causes of the Allied Military Collapse in May 1940 (September 1974)
Dictionary of American Military Biography pamphlet
For Soldiers Going Home: Tour 365 (Summer 1971)
Reprint from DAV (January 1980)
UCLA Extension Online catalog (Fall 1999)
Miscellaneous personal notes, post cards, greeting cards
Correspondence with James H. Webb (Secretary of the Navy)
Biographical sketch of James Webb
Articles by and about James Webb
Correspondence and articles related to the Louisiana Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Four Louisiana Vietnam Veterans memorial Fund brochures
Sketch by Virginia Neary: Lousiana Vietnam Veterans Memorial (72 of 250)
Two documents written by Van Michael Davidson --'Supplement to A Journey to Geneva' and 'New York Times v. Sullivan --- Reconsidered: It Cleared the Way for the KGB's Disinformation Campaign Against America'
Parade 5/2/1982, The Delta Dragon 6//20/1971, The Delta Advisor Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec 1970, Jan, Mar, Apr, May, June 1971
3 oversized
A Journey to Geneva: A Vietnam Memoir by Van M. Davidson (unpublished manuscript)
A Journey to Geneva: A Vietnam Memoir by Van M. Davidson (unpublished manuscript)
A Journey to Geneva: A Vietnam Memoir by Van M. Davidson (unpublished manuscript)
Letter from Frank Mcarthy, producer of the film Patton (October 1, 1970)
Letter to Peter Braestrup (January 16, 1985)
Letter to Dr. Mark Moyar about his work "Triumph Forsaken" (9 June 2007) [Original placed in Restricted Access due to personal e-mail addresses]
Letter from Van Michael Davidson to the Editor of American Press titled "Democrats in Congress Ready to do Enemy's Bidding"
"Vietnam Center Seeks History from Veterans" copy of article from the American Press (15 July 2007)

Separated Materials

From Colonialism to Communism: A Case History of North Vietnam by Hoang Van Chi.

The Geneva Conference of 1954 on Indochina by James Cable.

The Midst of Wars: An American Mission to Southeast Asia by Edward Geary Landsdale.

Edward Lansdale: The Unquiet American by Cecil B. Currey.

Dateline Asia: 25 Years of History as Reported by Pacific Stars and Stripes.

Vietnam in Flames Nguyen Manh Dan Nguyen Ngoc Hanh.
VA034930-35099, VA035102-35136, VA036178 - 181, VA036590.
Museum Objects
Framed Photographs of ARVN soldiers.

Framed VC flag Captured by ARVN 21st Div, 1970.
Vietnam, February 1990.

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