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Veterans Issues and Answers Collection
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11.0 linear feet
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T. Reynolds, Jul. 2004[Updated: Mar. 2010 by M. Barnard]
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Scope and Content

Approximately eleven linear feet of 164 three-quarter inch U-Matic video tapes of the television program, entitled "Veterans Issues and Answers", documents an array of veteran's issues. The videos are placed in the order in which they aired, October 27, 1991 through May 31, 1999, and include titles such as "N.J. Vietnam Veterans Memorial", "N.J. Agent Orange Commission", "National League of Families for POW/MIA's", "Dedication of the Vietnam Women's Memorial", "Agent Orange- The Silent Killer", "Suing the CIA - The Abandonment of American POWs", and "Men of the Intrepid". The tapes are in poor condition and will be digitized to help for preservation.

Rights and Access

Access Restrictions
Collection is open for research

Collection Inventory

U.S. Small Business Administration: 1277VI1767
N.J. Vietnam Veterans Memorial II: 1277VI1768
Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association: 1277VI1769
101st Airborne Association: 1277VI1770
Occupational Center of Orange: 1277VI1771
The Vet Center: 1277VI1772
Frank Lautenberg, U.S. Senator: 1277VI1773
N.J. Agent Orange Commission II: 1277VI1774
Tribute of Tears: 1277VI1775
Veterans of Foreign Wars: 1277VI1776
N.J. Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs: 1277VI1777
Vietnam Vet Returns to Vietnam: 1277VI1778
Jewish American War Veterans of U.S.: 1277VI1779
Women in the Military: 1277VI1780
Italian American War Veterans of the U.S.: 1277VI1781
Freinds of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial: 1277VI1887
National League of Families for POW/MIA's: 1277VI1888
Veterans Get Their Day in Court: 1277VI1889
Malpractice in VA Hospitals: 1277VI1890
N.J. Elks: 1277VI1891
Vietnam Veterans Family Assistance Program: 1277VI1892
N.J. National Guard Annual Training: 1277VI1893
National Forget Me Nots: 1277VI1894
N.J. American Legion II: 1277VI1895
Morris Co. Veterans Foundation: 1277VI1896
Vietnam Veterans for America: 1277VI1897
The Insiders, POW/MIA's: 1277VI1898
Vietnam Veterans Memorial 10th Anniversary 1: 1277VI1899
Vietnam Veterans Memorial 10th Anniversary 2: 1277VI1900
Vietnam Veterans Memorial 10th Anniversary 3: 1277VI1901
Bob Wallace- Past Commander in Chief, VFW: 1277VI1919
N.J. Vietnam Veterans Memorial III: 1277VI1920
Vietnam Women's Memorial Project: 1277VI1921
Harry Crane= State Commander, VFW: 1277VI1922
Vietnam Veterans of America- N.J. State Council: 1277VI1923
N.J. State Assembly Majority Leader Haytayan: 1277VI1924
Congressman Dean Gallo: 1277VI1925
Paul Egan- Executive Director, VVA National: 1277VI1926
Women in the Military Service for America: 1277VI1927
VA Homeless Veterans Program: 1277VI1928
Agent Orange: The Problem for Industrial Soc.: 1277VI1929
... And a Hard Rain Fell: 1277VI1930
Military Order of the Purple Heart: 1277VI1931
Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day Part 1: 1277VI1932
Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day Part 2: 1277VI1933
Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Day Part 3: 1277VI2297
Colonel Joseph Milligan USAF (Ret.): 1277VI2298
MIA or Mythmaking in America: 1277VI2299
N.J. Agent Orange Commission III: 1277VI2300
Colonel Waterhouse: The Marine, The Artist: 1277VI2301
National Organization for Men: 1277VI2302
Korean Veterans Visit Korea: 1277VI2303
The Chosen Few Fraternity of Honor: 1277VI2304
EIES- Electronic Information Education System: 1277VI2305
Paper Soldiers- The American Press and the Viet War: 1277VI2306
Jim Cava- Patriotism and Youth: 1277VI2307
Dedication of the Vietnam Women's Memorial 1: 1277VI2308
Dedication of the Vietnam Women's Memorial 2: 1277VI2309
Dedication of the Vietnam Women's Memorial 3: 1277VI2310
Dedication of the Vietnam Women's Memorial 4: 1277VI2311
Vietnam Era Education Center: 1277VI2814
Colonel David Hackworth, U.S. Army Returns to Nam: 1277VI2815
Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma: 1277VI2816
Bergen County Tracer Program: 1277VI2817
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association: 1277VI2818
History of Airborne in Vietnam: 1277VI2819
Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association: 1277VI2820
Private Industrial Council of Bergen: 1277VI2821
N.J. Agent Orange Commission: 1277VI2822
Congressman Dean Gallo: 1277VI2823
American Legion State Commander: 1277VI2824
Congressman Herb Klein: 1277VI2825
VFW Department of New Jersey: 1277VI2826
N.J. Department of Military and Veteran Affairs: 1277VI2827
Chaplains in the Military: 1277VI2828
Conversation With Terry Anderson: 1277VI2829
Terry Anderson Returns to Vietnam: 1277VI2830
Bridges of Reconciliation: 1277VI2831
Chapter 510- Who We Are, What We Do: 1277VI2832
Experiences of a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 1277VI2833
Vets Upward Bound- Your Success is Our Goal: 1277VI2834
Young People for Veteran's Issues: 1277VI2835
Agent Orange- Should We Be Concerned?: 1277VI2836
N.J. Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Dedication Part 1: 1277VI2837
N.J. Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Dedication Part 2: 1277VI2838
N.J. Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Dedication Part 3: 1277VI2839
N.J. Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Dedication Part 4: 1277VI2840
N.J. Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Dedication Part 5: 1277VI2841
Occupational Center: 1277VI2842
N.J. National Guard's Community Involvement: 1277VI2843
N.J. Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs: 1277VI2844
Two Wars-Two Generations: 1277VI2845
Point Man Ministries: 1277VI2846
Vietnam Chaplain: 1277VI2847
Moving Wall: 1277VI2848
Combat Photographer: 1277VI2849
Discussions at the Moving Wall: 1277VI2850
The Changing Employment Picture (Part 1): 1277VI2851
The Changing Employment Picture (Part 2): 1277VI2852
The Changing Employment Picture (Part 3): 1277VI2853
The Changing Employment Picture (Part 4): 1277VI2854
Northern Exposure- Rabbi Experience in Alaska: 1277VI2855
George Woltman- A Bodyguard for MacArthur: 1277VI2856
Rolling Thunder- Washington: 1277VI2857
Rolling Thunder- New York: 1277VI2858
Women in Vietnam: Army Service Clubs (Part 1): 1277VI2859
Women in Vietnam: Army Service Clubs (Part 2): 1277VI2860
N.J. Self-Help Clearinghouse: 1277VI2861
Blue Ghost Two-Zero: 1277VI2862
Snake River: 1277VI2863
The Long Way Home: 1277VI2864
Combat Trauma and the Brain: 1277VI2865
Agent Orange- The Silent Killer: 1277VI2866
Cedar Grove Memorial (Cathy Pagano): 1277VI2867
Know Your Entitlements: 1277VI2868
Cedar Grove Memorial Dedication: 1277VI2869
The Names of the Dead: 1277VI2870
Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve: 1277VI2871
Today's New Jersey National Guard: 1277VI2872
POW/MIA Question- It's Still With Us: 1277VI2873
N.J. National Guard- Benefits You Can Count On: 1277VI2874
Operation Standdown: 1277VI2875
Women in Vietnam: Focus on Nurses: 1277VI2876
Women in Vietnam: Army Special Services: 1277VI2877
Combat Stress and Its After Effects: 1277VI2878
Junior ROTC: 1277VI2879
VVA Chapter 510: 1277VI2880
One Man's Struggle Returning from Vietnam: 1277VI2881
Army Special Services Entertainment: 1277VI2882
Rejoice or Cry: Diary of a Recon Marine: 1277VI2883
Our National Guard- Helping the Homeless Vet: 1277VI2884
The N.J. Vietnam Era Educational Center: 1277VI2885
A Journey Back in Time- A Man's Return to Nam: 1277VI2886
The National Guard, Helping our Children: 1277VI2887
New Jersey National Guard, "The War on Drugs": 1277VI2888
VVA Chapter 688: 1277VI2889
177th Fighter Wing Honor Guard: 1277VI2890
Memories of a Huey Lift Pilot: 1277VI2891
Vietnam Challenge 1998 Hanoi to Saigon: 1277VI2892
VV Against the War, A Photo-Journalist's Story: 1277VI2893
Original Agent Orange Studes in N.J.: 1277VI2894
Life of a Combat Advisor in Hoa Quan Village: 1277VI2895
Returning to Hoa Quan Village: 1277VI2896
Betrayed: How the Government Writes Off Service: 1277VI2897
The Truth About Women Who Served: 1277VI2898
Cholesterol and the Aging Veteran: 1277VI2899
Diet is Important: 1277VI2900
Gulf War Illness (Part 1): 1277VI2901
Gulf War Illness (Part 2): 1277VI2902
Suing the CIA on Behalf of 12 POW/MIA's: 1277VI2903
Searching for POW/MIA's In Nam: 1277VI2904
Rolling Thunder '98 Washington (Part 1): 1277VI2905
Rolling Thunder '98 Washington (Part 2): 1277VI2906
VV Memorial Education Center Opening (Part 1): 1277VI2907
VV Memorial Education Center Opening (Part 2): 1277VI2908
History's Most Decorated Battleship New Jersey: 1277VI2909
Bringing Her Home Battleship New Jersey: 1277VI2910
POW/MIA- Questions and Answers?: 1277VI2911
NJ ESGR March AFB: 1277VI2912
Suing the CIA- The Abandonment of American POWs: 1277VI2913
Mike Benge: 1277VI2914
Men of the Intrepid Part 1: 1277VI2915
Men of the Intrepid Part 2: 1277VI2916
Men of the Intrepid Part 3: 1277VI2917
Archive preservation copies - 1277VI1919 - 1277VI1933

Separated Materials

Digitized Materials

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

To search for items within this collection, or within all of the holdings of the Vietnam Archive, go to the Virtual Vietnam Archive