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Scope and Content

Books, field manuals, government documents and reports document US activity in Southeast Asia.

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Collection is open for research

Collection Inventory

Psychological Operations Material
Civic Action / Psychological Operations Handbook distributed to members of the 9th (Ninth) Infantry Division (may 24, 1969)
Listing of Subjects in PSYOP Staff Officer Program of Instruction distributed to students, PSYOP Staff Officer Course 1-69 and Faculty, PSYOP Department (September 17, 1968)
Handbook for Compant Level Political Warfare officers (July 1, 1969)
Political Warfare Handbook for Advisors
Radio and Broadcastiong in Psychological Operations (US Army Special Warfare School, Ft. Bragg, NC, November 1964)
Readings in Psychological Operations (US Army Special Warfare School, Ft. Bragg, NC, August 1, 1963)
Loudspeaker Operations (US Army Special Warfare School, Ft. Bragg, NC, November 1964)
Psychological Operations Extension Course, Subcourse 2: Individual and Group Behavior (US Army Special Warfare School, Ft. Bragg, NC, January 1968)
Notes on the South Vietnamese Peasant of the Mekong Delta by Gerald C. Hickey (published by the RAND Corporation, May 1964)
The Role of Communications in the Military Assistance Program (MAP) and Contingency Planning for Stability Operations by Joseph T. Hart, Eleanor W. Johnson, and Dino G. Pappas (published by Research Analysis Corporation, June 1971)
Some Aptitudes and Abilities of Vietnamese Technicians: Implications for Training by G.M. Guthrie, R. Brislin, and H.W. Sinaiko (November 1970)
The CLOZE Procedure: A Convenient Readability Test for Training materials and Translations by G.R. Klate, H.W. Sinaiko, and L.M. Stolurow (January 1971)
Vietnam Yesterday and Today published by the Defense Language Institute (August 1966)
HSR (Human Sciences Research) Conference on Psychological Operations and Communications with Foreign Nationals (June 20, 1968)
PSYOPS in Vietnam: Indications of Effectiveness (May 1967)
Why Vietnam
South Vietnam: Reality and Myth (Department of State, July 1965)
The Heart of the Problem... Secretary Rusk, General Taylor Review Vietnam Policy in Senate Hearings (State Department, March 1966)
The Legality of US Participation in the Defense of South Vietnam (State Department March 1966)
The Path to Vietnam by William Bundy, Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs (State Department September 1967)
The Central Issue in Vietnam: Secretary Rusk Discusses US National Interests in Asia (October 1967)
Field Organizations: Unit Readiness (February 20, 1967)
Political Program of the South Vietnam National Liberation Front (October 1967)
Constitution of the Republic of Vietnam (Unofficial American Embassy Translation)
Background Information Relating to Southeast Asia and Vietnam (July 16, 1965)
A Select Bibliography of the United States navy and the Southeast Asian Conflict, 1950 - 1975 compiled by Edward J. Marolda and G. Wesley Pryce, III
Handbook for Military Supportof Pacification (February 1968)
Constabulary Capabilities for Low-Level Conflict by M. Dean Havron, William W. Chenault, James M. Dodson, and A. Terry Rambo (April 1969)
A Marine's Guide to the Republic of Vietnam (Fleet Marine Force Pacific, April 1967)
Stability Operations: US Army Doctrine (Headquarters, Army Department, December 1967)
The Religions of South Vietnam in Faith and Fact (Navy Department May 25, 1967)
A Pocket Guide to Vietnam (Defense Department, 1966)
A Pocket Guide to Vietnam (Defense Department, 1971)
An Introduction to Vietnamese Culture by Nguyen Khac Kham (The Vietnam Council on Foreign Relations, no date)
Weapons and Equipment Recognition Guide: Southeast Asia (Department of the Army, March 1969)
War Material Presumably in Service in North Vietnam
War Material Used by Viet Cong in South Vietnam
Engineer Field Data (Department of the Army, December 1965)
Handbook for US Forces in Vietnam (Defense Department Information and Education, 1966)
Advisor handbook for Counterinsurgency (Department of the Army, April 1965)
MATA Handbook for Vietnam, ST 21-179 (U.S. Army Special Warfare School, Ft. Bragg, NC, January 1966, Revised)
Uniforms of All Seven Allies (Commonwealth of Australia, Republic of Kore, New Zealand, Republic of the Philippines, Thailand, United States of America, Republic of Vietnam) (Defense Department, February 1968)
Internal / Defense Development Planning Guide (US Army Special Warfare School, December 1967)
Washington Post newspaper article, US Paid Briton $100,000 for Study of Viet Police
Newspaper clipping: N. Vietnamese Film Shows Girl as Viet Cong Heroine by Harry Trimborn
Unit Leaders Personal Response handbook (NAVMC 2616), October 12, 1967
Professional Knowledge Gained From Operational Experience in Vietnam (NAVMC 2614), February 24, 1967
Special Forces Operational Techniques (FM 31-20), December 30,1965
Psychological Operations Techniques and Procedures (FM 33-5), October 20, 1966
Psychological Operation: US Army Doctrine (FM 33-1), June 21, 1968
US Army Counterinsurgency Forces (FM 31-22) November 12,1963
Combat Intelligence (FM 30-5), June 27, 1967
Counterguerrilla Operations (FM 31-16), March 24, 1967
Jungle training and Operations (FM 31-30), September 23, 1965
Civil Affairs Operations Field Manual (FM 41-10) August 3, 1967
The Communist Insurgent Infrastructure in South Vietnam: A Study of Organization and Strategy Volumes I
The Communist Insurgent Infrastructure of South Vietnam: A Study of Organization and Strategy Appendices Volume II

Separated Materials

Basic Vietnamese Course.

English - Vietnamese Conversation Dictionary.

Guerrilla by Charles W. Thayer.

The Betrayal by William Corson.

Guerrilla Warfare by Che Guevara.

Area Handbook for the Khmer Republic (Cambodia) 1973.

Anh - Viet (English - Vietnamese Pronouncing Dictionary).

Hell in a Very Small Place by Bernard Fall.

A Personnel Resources Directory for Education of Vietnamese Refugees.

Republic of Vietnam Coins and Currency by Howard A. Daniel, III.

Southeast Asia: It's Historical Development by John Cady.

The Vietnam Experience: Setting the Stage.

Vietnam in Photographs and Text by Felix Greene.

Southeast Asia in United States Policy by Russell Fifield.

Facing the Brink by Edward Weintal.

Communist Strategies in Asia by Doak Barnett.

The Changing Face of Southeast Asia by Amry Vandenbosch.

Southeast Asia in Turmoil by Brian Crozier.

Customs and Culture of Vietnam by Ann Caddell Crawford.

The Vietnam Reader.

People's War, People's Army by Vo Nguyen Giap.

Southeast Asia Today and Tomorrow by Richard Butwell.

Indonesian Upheaval by John Hughes.

End of a War, Indochina, 1954.

Viet Cong by Douglas Pike.

To Move a Nation by Roger Hilsman.

Toward Disengagement in Asia by Bernard Gordon.

The Winds of Freedom by Dean Rusk.

The United States in Vietnam by George McTuranan Kahin.

The Politics of Foreign Aid by John Montgomery.

We the Vietnamese: Voices From Vietnam by Francois Sully.

The Dimensions of Conflict in Southeast Asia.

The Challenge of World Politics in South and Southeast Asia by Werner Levi.

The Philippines by Onofre Corpuz.

Politics, Personality, and Nation Building: Burma's Search for Identity by Lucien Pye.

Thailand, Burma, Laos, and Cambodia by John Cady.

Background to Vietnam by Bernard Newman.

Thailand: The War That Is, The War That Will Be by Louis Lomax.

M.I.A. Accounting for the Missing in Southeast Asia.

The Lost Revolution by Robert Shaplen.

Area Handbook for the Philippines.

Area Handbook for Laos.

The Counterinsurgency Era by Douglas Blaufarb.

Area Handbook for Malaysia and Singapore.

The united States and Vietnam, 1787 - 1941 by Robert Hopkins Miller.

Street Without Joy by Bernard Fall.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1955 - 1957: Vietnam.

Area Handbook for South Vietnam (April 1967).

Army in Anguish by Haynes Johnson.

Ho Chi Minh on Revolution: Selected Writings, 1920 - 1966 edited by Bernard Fall.

Communist Revolutionary Warfare by George Tanham.

America in Vietnam by Guenter Lewy.

Defeating Communist Insurgency by Sir Robert Thompson.

Mao Tse-Tung on Guerrilla Warfare.

The Making of a Quagmire by David Halberstam.

A Psychological Warfare Casebook by William Dougherty.

Famous Men of Vietnam by Doan Bich.

Guerrilla Warfare: Cause and Conflict by Walter Thomas.

Vietnam: History, Documents and Opinions on a Major World Crisis edited by Marvin Gettleman.

Peking and Moscow by Klaus Mehnert.

Southeast Asia's Political Systems by Lucien Pye.

The Last Confucian: Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and the West by Denis Warner.

The Choices We Face by Lyndon Baines Johnson.

The Bitter Heritage by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

Old Myths and New Relaities by Senator J.W. Fulbright.

The Best and the Brightest by David Halberstam.

Fire and Movement by Jac Weller.

Kingdom of Laos.

Vietnam's War, 1940 - 1970 by Tam.

Village in Vietnam by Gerald Cannon Hickey.

Governments and Politics of Southeast Asia.

The Communist Insurgent Infrastructure in South Vietnam: A Study of Organization and Strategy.

Human Factors Considerations of Undergrounds in Insurgencies.

55 Days:The Fall of South Vietnam by Alan Dawson.

Twenty Years and Twenty Days by Nguyen Cao Ky.

Decent Interval by Frank Snepp.

Minority Groups in the Republic of Vietnam.

US Army John F Kennedy Center for Special Warfare (Airborne).

Vietnam: The Origins of Revolution (1885 - 1946).

Country Study: Republic of Vietnam.

Special Warfare: US Army.

The Viet Cong Strategy of Terror by Douglas Pike.

Aggression From the North.

Peoples of Tribes of South Vietnam.

Report of the Department of the Army Review of the Preliminary Investigations into the My Lai Incident.

The Navy in Vietnam.
Asia (Winter 1966).

Digitized Materials

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

To search for items within this collection, or within all of the holdings of the Vietnam Archive, go to the Virtual Vietnam Archive