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George McColm Collection
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Scope and Content

Two folders of documents and articles detail various aspects of George McColm's service as Agricultural Coordinator, Agronomist, Water Management Advisor and Program Analyst for CORDS-NLD in South Vietnam, 1966-1972. The first folder concerns Vietnam-related topics and documents date from the war period. The second folder contains non-Vietnam-related materials and date 1930s-1980s.

Biographical Note

Mr. McColm served as Agricultural Coordinator, Agronomist, Water Management Advisor, and Programme Analyst for CORDS-NLD in South Vietnam from 1966-1972. In 1966, he supervised the introduction of IR-8 rice to Vietnam and in 1967 he developed the Agricultural Climatological Data and Crop Growing Season Map of South Vietnam, which are included in this collection.

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Collection Inventory

Vietnam-Related Material 
Counterpart Association - Oversized (D047.2B)
Earth Dams in the Mekong Delta Canals
The Crop Growing Season Climates of South Viet-Nam, May 15, 1969
Herbicide Operations, discontinuation thereof
"Our Man in the Delta," (article on George L. McColm) Vietnam Agricultural Newsletter, 2:2 (April 1, 1967)
Letter from Robert W. Komer to George McColm, December 20, 1967 (2 copies)
George L. McColm, "IR-8 and the Rice Revolution in Vietnam, November 6 1967
United State Government Land Reform Policy in South Vietnam 1964
Front Lines Paper (Agency for International Development) - Issue with the story on John Paul Vann's Helicopter crash, June 15, 1972
Performance Evaluation Report for George L. McColm, June 1967-December1967
Performance Evaulation for George L. McColm, January-May 1968 (2 copies)
Periodic Climate Adaptatioin of Commercial Vegetable Crops, Region I
Editor's Desk, thoughts on history (referring to "An Ungrateful Nation") American History, 31:6
Planning the Invasion and Occupation of Japan, Paper presented at the National Leadership Conference, New Orleans, October 6, 1995
Letter from Robert E. Holt (Captain, US Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center) to Mr. McColm, June 8, 1964
Photocopy of photograph of Vietnamese Rice Fields and two workers
Photocopy of photograph of Viet Cong Propaganda
Map, Crop Growing Season in Vietnam
Personal Papers not related to Vietnam 
Salt Intrusion Zone map created by McColm, June 1968
Who's Who Sketch for George L. McColm
Nimitz Symposium Biography, March 19, 1995
Dictionary of International Biography
Biography of Edward McColm
Oaxaca, Mexico Crop Growing season Map
A Comparison of Average Monthly Maximum and Minimum temperatures at selected points, indicating the affect of minimum temperatures on the growth of tender crops, 1930
A New Method of Classifying Crop Growing Seasons, 1948
Thomas Sowell, "Dropping Atomic Bombs Was Right Decision
Letter from Mr. McColm to Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig, March 17, 1981
Letter from Mr. McColm to Admiral Nimitz, September 2, 1945
Letter to friends of Captain J. Edwin McColm from So. Personnel Office, US Navy Yard regarding his status as MIA, 18 November 1945
George McColm, "An Ungrateful Nation" (article on the plight of the Navajo People)
Photocopy of photograph of George L. McColm
Chronology of Events in World War II