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R. Mike Womack Collection
FSB Ripcord Association
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2.5 linear feet
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Library, D060.5, Cold Storage Vault
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C. Trobridge, Jan. 2005[Updated: Jul. 2005 by J. Saffell]
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Scope and Content

Books and VHS tapes concerning the Vietnam War, photocopies of programs from a Memorial Service for Lt. J. Robert Kalsu and a listing of the members of C Company 2nd Battalion of the 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association.

Biographical Note

R. Mike Womack was born in Springfield, Illinois in 1949. Drafted into the U.S. Army in 1969 Womack arrived in Vietnam on 13 April 1970 and assigned as a radioman in Company C, 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry, 3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne. While in Vietnam Womack was involved in the Sanctuary Counter Offensive and the Battle for Firebase Ripcord. Womack was wounded on 27 June 1970 and returned to the United States. Womack remained in the Army until December of 1977, departing as a Staff Sergeant. Womack has been awarded the following medals and citations: Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, Vietnam Service, Vietnam Campaign, and Civil Action Medal (1st Class).

Rights and Access

Access Restrictions
Collection is open for research

Collection Inventory

Program from 1st Lt. J. Robert Kalsu Replacement Company Memorialization Ceremony at Fort Campbell Kentucky on 9 August 2002
Biographical sketch of 1st Lt. J. Robert Kalsu
Cover letter that accompanied book "The Vietnam Experience: America Takes Over"
Photocopy of 506th Airborne Infantry Regiment Association (Airmovile-Air Assault) Vietnam- C Company, 2nd Battalion

Separated Materials

Acceptable Loss: An Infantry Soldier's Perspective by Kregg P.J. Jorgenson.

The Advisor by John L. Cook.

Air War - Vietnam by Frank Harvey.

Alpha Strike Vietnam: The Navy's Air War, 1964-1973 by Jeffrey L. Levinson, (2 copies).

America's Longest War: The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975 by George Herring.

And Brave Men, Too by Timothy S. Lowry.

Battles in the Monsoon by S.L.A. Marshall.

Beyond Survival by Gerald Coffee.

Blood on the Risers: An Airborne Soldier's Thirty-Five Months in Vietnam by John Leppelman.

Blue's Bastards by Randy Herrod.

Born on the Fourth of July by Ron Kovic.

Brennan's War: Vietnam, 1965-1969 by Matthew Brennan.

The Bridge at Dong Ha by John Grider Miller.

Brothers: Black Soldiers in the Nam by Stanley Goff and Robert Sanders with Clark Smith.

Brothers in Arms: A Journey from War to Peace by William Broyles, Jr.

Brown Water, Black Berets by Thomas J. Cutler.

Chained Eagle by Everett Alvarez, Jr. and Anthony S. Pitch.

Charlie Company: What Vietnam Did to Us by Peter Goldman and Tony Fuller.

Code of Honor by John A. Dramesi.

A Code to Keep by Ernest C. Brace.

Combat Medic - Vietnam by Craig Roberts.

Da Nang Diary by Colonel Tom Yarborough.

Dispatches by Michael Herr.

The Easter Offensive: Vietnam, 1972 by G.H. Turley.

Everything We Had by Al Santoli.

The Eyes of the Eagle: F Company LRPs in Vietnam, 1968 by Gary A. Linderer.

A Field of Innocence by Jack Estes.

Five Years to Freedom by James N. Rowe.

Going Downtown: The War Against Hanoi and Washington by Jack Broughton.

Green Knight, Red Morning by Richard E. Ogden.

The Grunts by Charles R. Anderson.

Guns Up! by Johnnie M. Clark.

H. Norman Schwarzkopf: Road to Triumph by M.E. Morris.

Hamburger Hill by Samuel Zaffiri.

Heart of a Soldier by James B. Stewart.

Hell No We Won't Go! Resisting the Draft During the Vietnam War by Sherry Gershon Gottlieb.

The Heroes Who Fell from Grace by Charles J. Patterson and G. Lee Tippin.

The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War: Khe Sanh by Michael Ewing.

The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War: Riverine Force by John Forbes and Robert Williams.

In the Field of Fire, edited by Jeanne Van Buren Dann and Jack Dann.

Inside the VC and the NVA: The Real Story of North Vietnam's Armed Forces by Michael Lee Lanning and Dan Cragg.

Into Cambodia: Spring Campaign, Summer Offensive, 1970 by Keith W. Nolan.

The Killing Zone by Frederick Downs.

The Korean War by Max Hastings.

The Last Parallel: A Marine's War Journal by Martin Russ.

Life on the Line by Philip D. Chinnery.

Lima-6: A Marine Company Commander in Vietnam by Colonel R.D. Camp with Eric Hammel.

Mad Minutes and Vietnam Months by Michael Clodfelter.

The Making of a Quagmire by David Halberstam.

The Medal of Honor by Donald E. Zlotnik.

Mounted Combat by General Donn A. Starry - Department of the Army, Vietnam Studies.

My Secret War by Richard S. Drury.

Nam by Mark Baker.

The New Face of War by Malcolm W. Browne.

No Greater Love: A Day with the Mobile Guerrilla Force in Vietnam by James C. Donahue.

No Guts, No Glory: Unmasking Navy SEAL Imposters by Steve Robinson, (Autographed by Author).

No More Vietnams by Richard Nixon.

Once a Hero by Howard Swindle.

Once a Warrior King: Memories of an Officer in Vietnam by David Donovan.

One Day in a Long War by Jeffrey Ethell and Alfred Price.

The Only War We Had: A Platoon Leader's Journal of Vietnam by Michael Lee Lanning.

The Passing of the Night: My Seven Years as a Prisoner of the North Vietnamese by General Robinson Risner.

Payback: Five Marines and Vietnam by Joe Klein.

Pleiku: The Dawn of Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam by J.D. Coleman.

A P.O.W.'s Story: 2801 Days in Hanoi by Colonel Larry Guarino.

The Raid by Benjamin F. Schemmer.

The Rise and Fall of an American Army: U.S. Ground Forces in Vietnam, 1965-1973 by Shelby L. Stanton.

The River and the Gauntlet by S.L.A. Marshall.

Romancing Vietnam: Inside the Boat Country by Justin Wintle.

Scars & Stripes: The True Story of One Man's Courage in Facing Death as a Vietnam POW by Eugene B. McDaniel with James Johnson.

SEALs: UDT/SEAL Operations in Vietnam by T.L. Bosiljevac.

Seven Firefights in Vietnam by John A. Cash, John Albright and Allan W. Sandstrum.

Shadow Warrior by Felix I. Rodriguez and John Weisman.

Shrapnel in the heart: Letters and Remembrances from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Laura Palmer.

Silence Was a Weapon: The Vietnam War in the Villages by Stuart A. Herrington.

Survivors: American POWs in Vietnam by Zalin Grant.

Talking with Victor Charlie: An Interrogator's Story by Sedgwick D. Tourison.

These Good Men by Michael Norman (2 copies).

To Bear Any Burden by Al Santoli.

The Tunnels of Cu Chi by Tom Mangold and John Penycate.

12,20 & 5: A Doctor's Year in Vietnam by John A. Parrish.

Valor by Timothy S. Lowry.

The Vietnam Experience: America Takes Over, 1965-1967 by Edward Doyle and Samuel Lipsman, Combat Photographer by Nick Mills and A Contagion of War by Terrence Maitland and Peter McInerney.

Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow.

Vietnam Medal of Honor Heroes by Edward F. Murphy.

Vietnam, 1969-1970: A Company Commander's Journal by Michael Lee Lanning.

Vietnam: The Other War by Charles R. Anderson.

Vietnam - Perkasie: A Combat Marine's Memoir by W.D. Ehrhart.

The Vietnam Wars, 1945-1990 by Marilyn B. Young.

The War of the Innocents by Charles Bracelen Flood.

War Story by Jim Morris.

War Without Windows by Bruce E. Jones.

West to Cambodia by S.L.A. Marshall.
Moving Images
1480VI1732: Vietnam: A Television History - Homefront, U.S.A.

1480VI1733: Vietnam: A Television History - Tet, 1968.

1480VI1734: Vietnam: A Television History - Legacies.

Digitized Materials

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

To search for items within this collection, or within all of the holdings of the Vietnam Archive, go to the Virtual Vietnam Archive