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Malcolm P. East Collection
Americal Division Veterans Association
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8.0 linear feet
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D060.5 Association Collection, Library Collection, Newsletter Collection, Periodical Collection, Map Collection Section 12 Drawer 5, Audio Collection
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K. Conness, Feb. 2010[Updated: Aug. 2011 by S. Montgomery]
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Scope and Content

Books, periodicals, newsletters, an audiotape, and army field gear donated to the Vietnam Archive by Malcolm P. East.

Biographical Note

Malcolm P. East served with B Company, 723rd Maintenance Battalion, Americal Division from August 1969 - August 1970.

Rights and Access

Access Restrictions
Restricted: Documents contained personal email addresses and physical addresses

Collection Inventory

POW bookmarker
Firebirds business card
VFW Texas State Chaplain William B. Moody business card
Combat Ready Book Series bookmarker
Personal Letter to Malcolm East about Americal Division book.
Vietnam: A Study Guide submitted by Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 292
U.S. Army and Marine Corps Combat Operations, 1965-1973 by David Burns Sigler
Texas List of KIAs & MIAs from the Vietnam War
Printout from Internet Bulletin Board of personal stories, poems, and unit information posted by Americal Division Veterans

Separated Materials

A Bright Shining Lie, John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam by Neil Sheehan, 1988.

At The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Washington, D.C.: Between the Lines, Poems by Eugene E. Grollmes, 1988.

The Bamboo Cross, The Witness of Christian Martyrs in the Communist-ridden Jungles of Viet Nam by Homer E. Dowdy, 1964.

Chickenhawk by Robert Mason, 1983.

Death Valley, The Summer Offensive, I Corps, August 1968 by Keith William Nolan, 1987: Signed by Author.

Everything We Had by Al Santoli, 1981.

Firebirds by Chuck Carlock, 1995: Signed by Author.

Flashbacks On Returning to Vietnam by Morley Safer, 1990.

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, The Autobiography, It Doesn't Take A Hero written with Peter Petre, 1992.

The Good Soldiers by William B. Moody, 1986: Signed by Author.

The History of the Vietnam War by Charles T. Kamps Jr., 1988.

In A Warrior's Romance by D.S. Lliteras, 1991: Signed by the author.

Kiss the Boys Goodbye, How the United States Betrayed Its Own POWs in Vietnam by Monika Jensen-Stevenson & William Stevenson, 1990.

Live From the Battlefield by Peter Arnett, 1994: Signed by the Author.

Long Time Passing, Vietnam & The Haunted Generation by Myra MacPherson, 1984, 2 copies.

NAM, The Vietnam Experience 1965-75 Consultant Editors Time Page and John Pimlott, 1988.

Off the Battlefield of War on the Battlefield of Destitution, "The Louie Bradley Story" by Louie D. Bradley, 1994: Signed by the Author.

Offerings at The Wall, Artifacts from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection by Allen Turner, 1995.

Orchids in the Mud edited by Robert C. Muehrcke, 1985: Signed by Author.

Our Vietnam Night-Mare, The Story of U.S. involvement in the Vietnamese Tragedy, with Thoughts on a Future Policy by Marguerite Higgins, 1965.

Pacific Stars and Strips, Vietnam Front Pages edited by Hal Drake, 1986.

Passage to Vietnam, Through The Eyes of Seventy Photographers created by Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, 1994.

A Piece of My Heart, The Stories of Twenty Six American Women Who Served in Vietnam by Keith Walker foreword by Martha Raye, 1985.

Pigman-Vietnam 1968-1969 by James E. Crum, 1988: signed by the author, 2 copies.

Prisoner of War, Six Years in Hanoi by John M. McGrath, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, 1975.

Recovering From the War, A Woman's Guide to Helping Your Vietnam Vet, Your Family, and Yourself by Patience H. C. Mason, 1990, Signed by the Author.

Reflections on The Wall, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Edward Clinton Ezell, 1987.

REMF Diary by David A. Willson, 1988: Signed by the Author.

Sappers in the Wire, The Life and Death of Firebase Mary Ann by Keith William Nolan, 1995.

Shrapnel in the Heart, Letters and Remembrances from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Laura Palmer, 1987.

The TET Offensive January-April 1968 by Tracey Burke and Mimi Gleason, 1988.

Unaccustomed Mercy, Soldier-Poets of the Vietnam War edited by W.D. Ehrhart, 1989: Signed by the author.

Under the Southern Cross by Captain Francis D. Cronin, 1978.

US Infrantry-Vietnam by Jim Mesko.

US Elite Forces-Vietnam by Leroy Thompson.

A 2-in-1 Volume, 1983.

The Vietnam Experience, Volumes 1 throught 20.

The Vietnam Funny Book (An Antidote to Insanity) by Tad Foste, 1988: Signed by author.

Vietnam, Poetic Words from The Unknowns, An appreciation by Jim Lakewind, Edited by A. I.. Harrington, 1992.

The Vietnam War, The Story and the Photographs by Donald M. Goldstein, Katherine V. Dillon, and J. Michael Wenger, 1997.

Visions of War, Dreams of Peace, Writings of Women in the Vietnam War edited by Lynda Van Devanter and Joan A. Furey, 1991.

The Wall, A Day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Peter Meyer and editors of LIFE, 1993, 2 copies.

The Wall, Images and Offerings from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial conceived by Sal Lopes with Introduction by Michael Norman, 1987, 2 copies.

Wall of Blood, Combat Ready Series by Fred Leo Brown, 1992.

A War Still Raging, One Man's Struggle for Life in Vietnam and Beyond by Charles D. Matherson with C. Stephen Byrum, 1991: Signed by the Author.

We Were Soldiers Once... and Young by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (Ret.) and Joseph L. Galloway, 1992.

Where War Lives, A Photographic Journal of Vietnam by Dick Durrance with Introduction by Ron Kovic, 1988.

Why Didn't You Get Me Out? Betrayal in the Viet Cong Death Camps, The Truth about Heroes, Traitors, & Those Left Behind by Frank Anton with Tommy Denton, 1997: Signed by the Author.
Binhson, Vietnam 1:50,000 Ed. 1-AMS, Sheet 6739I Series L7014.

Quang Nagi, Vietnam 1:50,000, Ed 1-AMS, Sheet 6739II Series L7014.

Tra Bong, Vietnam 1:50,000 Ed. 1-AMS, Sheet 6739IV Series L7014.

Dai Loc, Vietnam 1:50,000, Ed. 1-AMS, Sheet 6640IV, Series L7014.

Son Ha, Vietnam, 1:50,000, Ed. 1-AMS, Sheet 6739IV, Series L7014.
Museum Objects
1931museum3484 - Americal Division Veterans Assc. Hat.

1931museum3485 5.56 SAW Ammunition Round Belt.


U.S. Army Uniform Shirt.


U.S. Army Trousers.


U.S. Army Rucksack.


U.S Army Helmet.

1931museum3490, 3491.

Australian Jungle Hats, Qty 2.


U.S. Army Utility Belt.

1931museum3496, 3497.

5.56 ammo bandolier, Qty 2.


7.62mm Chinese Ammunition Belt.

1931museum3492, 3493, 3494.

Mouse Pads with Americal Division Emblems Qty 3.

1931museum3503, 3504, 3505, 3506, 3507, 3508, 3509, 3510, 3511, 3512, 3513, 3514.

Vietnam Memorial Wall Decorative Plates Qty 12.


Award to Malcom East from the Officers and NCO's of Co B 723d Maint BN.

1931museum3500, 3501.

Americal Division Photobook Qty 2.


Cargo Parachute.
Audiotape about the William Calley Verdict, recorded from a radio station in Beaumont, Texas, 31 March 1971.
Americal Newsletter, January-February 1988.

Americal Newsletter, March-April 1989.

Americal Newsletter, September-October 1989.

Americal Newsletter, November-December 1989.

Americal Newsletter, January-February 1990.

Americal Newsletter, March-April 1990.

Americal Newsletter, May-June 1990.

Americal Newsletter, July-August 1990.

Americal Newsletter, September-October 1990.

Americal Newsletter, November-December 1990.

Americal Newsletter, January-February 1991.

Americal Newsletter, March-April 1991.

Americal Newsletter, May-June 1991.

Americal Newsletter, July-August 1991.

Americal Newsletter, September-October 1991.

Americal Newsletter, November-December 1991.

Americal Newsletter, January-February 1992.

Americal Newsletter, March-April 1992.

Americal Newsletter, May-June 1992.

Americal Newsletter, July-August 1992.

Americal Newsletter, September-October 1992.

Americal Newsletter, January-February 1993.

Americal Newsletter, March-April 1993.

Americal Newsletter, May-June 1993.

Americal Newsletter, July-August 1993.

Americal Newsletter, September-October 1993.

Americal Newsletter, November-December 1993.

Americal Newsletter, January-February 1994.

Americal Newsletter, March-April 1994.

Americal Newsletter, May-June-July 1994.

Americal Newsletter, August-September-October 1994.

Americal Newsletter, November-December 1994.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 1995.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 1995.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 1995.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 1995.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 1996.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 1996.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 1996.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 1996.

Americal Newslette, January-February-March 1997.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 1997.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 1997.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 1997.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 1998.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 1998.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 1998.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 1998.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 1999.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 1999.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 1999.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 1999.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 2000.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 2000.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 2000.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 2000.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 2001.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 2001.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 2001.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 2001.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 2002.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 2002.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 2002.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 2002.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 2003.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 2003.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 2003.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 2003.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 2004.

Americal Newsletter, November-December 1992.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 2004.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 2004.

Americal Newsletter, October-November-December 2004.

Americal Newsletter, January-February-March 2005.

Americal Newsletter, April-May-June 2005.

Americal Newsletter, July-August-September 2005.
National Geographic, May 1985 (2 copies).

Digitized Materials

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

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