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James Banerian Collection
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0.7 linear feet
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Photograph Collection, Library, Periodical Collection, D037.7C - Individual Collection, Individual Collections-Oversized, Newsletter Collection
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R. Dorn, Oct. 2008[Updated: Jul. 2015 by A. Snipes]
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Scope and Content

Less than one linear foot of periodicals, articles, photographs, and a book document a variety of post Vietnam War issues particularly the activities of the Viet Kieu after the war. Also included is a new translation of the classical Vietnamese poem called 'Kieu' by Nguyen Du, translated by James Banerian.

Rights and Access

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Collection is open for research

Collection Inventory

The Ballad of Barry Sadler, January 27, 1989
D037.7C - Individual Collection
Road has been long for Viet Refugees since their lives came crashing down
They survived

will that be said of their culture?
Anti-U.S. talk muted as Vietnam celebrates, April 30, 1995
For 46,000 refugees, a bitter denouement
The day an endless war stopped and a wounded nation died
Random quotes from selected leaders such as Robert McNamara, Henry Kissinger, Harry Summers, David Halberstam, and Jim Kean
A Question and Answer section with Marine Corps Lt. Gen. (ret.) Victor H. Krulak
"Would I ever see my husband again?" April 30, 1995
Saigon's fall - recalled by those who were there
After the Fall
Dept. of the State Airgram of the RVNAF Performance

Denfense of Hoa Tinh Village, by Robert S. McNamara, February 6, 1975
Triangle mines its gold in poppies
Document by Douglas Pike listing various books on the Vietnam war, May-June 1985
Various short stories on Vietnam and the Vietnamese people
Brochure, agenda, speech, and proceedings of the 1990 Vietnamese-American Conference
A published paper by the USCR titled "Vietnamese Boat People: Pirates' Vunerable Prey," February 1984
Pamphlet/Directory of G.I. slang and Military jargon glossary, August 1983
Report about the Violation of Human Rights in Vietnam (1975-1983), prepared by the United States Department of Defense
Article on "'Tio Juan' opens heart, home to street kids," August 30, 1987
2 copies of "Being Vietnamese in America" by Huy Thanh Cao
Documented book, "Nhip Cau" (The Bridge) (in Vietnamese)
Report on the Re-education camps and the prisons in Vietnam by Dermot P. Kinlen, June 1981
The Laotian Gulag (article) January 17, 1988
The Vietnamisation of Kampuchea: A New Model of Colonialism in both French and English, October 1984
"Hanoi sets up unit to supervise Phnom Penh" newspaper article copy from the Bankok Post, October 8, 1982
"The Other Side: Growing up in the Viet Cong" (memoir), February 5, 1989
Ly Tong's Long Trek to Freedom by Anthony Paul
Various copies of newspaper articles ranging on a wide variety of topics
"A Ritual for Saying Goodbye," on the Wall, November 10, 1986
Various original newspaper clippings on a wide variety of topics
The Bridge (Nhin Can)
Dac-San 1989-1990
Boat People: Growing risks for refugees, September 11, 1988
Individual Collections-Oversized
San Diego [Vietnamese] Tin Tuc Phong Su Va Hinh Anh Ve Mot So Hoat Dong Cua Chien Dich Vot Nguoi Bien Dong, 1986
The Vietnam Connection, 1985
Vietnam 10 years later, April 23, 1985
Vietnam 10 years later, April 22, 1985
Vietnam and after: Rejection, rebirth, and the nation that rocked, April 21 1985
Refugees long for home, build new lives here, April 23 1985
Protests shook S.D.'s roots [San Diego], April 22, 1985
Saved, he became a savior (Vietnamese refugee went back to bring others to safety), August 3, 1986
Cambodia Town's "Luck" Leaves Illness in its wake / 2 Top Khmer Rough Defectors End Tour, January 4, 1999
Boat People: Their Endless Ordeal, June 25, 1989
"Giap Remembers" by Stanley Karnow, June 24, 1990
Parade magazine "Can He Come Home Again" by James Webb (ref. Col. David Hackworth), April 2, 1989
"Father, Teacher, Friend" article in Parade Magazine, May 15, 1988

Separated Materials

Ebony and White: The Story of the K-9 Corps by Joseph J. White, 1996.

Kieu, Nguyen Du, transl. James Banerian, 2012 (2 copies).
2 Photographs of the 1990 Vietnamese-American Conference.
Dan Toc (English), January 17, 1987.

The Vietnamese Resistance, April 1987.
Across the Sea, September and October 1990.

Horizons, Spring, Summer and Autumn, 1992 as well as Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, 1993.

Vietnam, February and August of 1990.

Digitized Materials

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

To search for items within this collection, or within all of the holdings of the Vietnam Archive, go to the Virtual Vietnam Archive