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Jerry L. Harlowe Collection
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14.6 linear feet
Physical Location(s)
Museum Objects; Individual Collections H; Oversized Individual Collection D054.1B; Photograph Collection; Newsletters; D231.5; D231.6; D203.7; D229.1; D202.3; D236.4; D229.4;
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J. Furr, Jun. 2008[Updated: Dec. 2014 by C. Martinez]
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Scope and Content

Approximately 12 linear feet of artifacts and such as coins, currency, captured NVA/VC equipment, Montagnard items, newspapers, and other ephemera collected by Jerry Harlowe during his service in the United States Air Force in Vietnam 1968-1970 and purchased after his service at various garage sales and flea markets.

Biographical Note

Jerry Harlowe was born on 12 June 1947 in Lynchburg, Virginia. Mr. Harlowe volunteered for the US Air Force in 1966. Jerry Harlowe served for 3 years and 11 months total. He served in Southeast Asia from 23 Nov. 1968 - 2 July 1970. He was assigned to the 22nd Air Defense Missile Squadron at Langley AFB, and with the 633rd Civil Engineering at Pleiku AFB RVN. Mr. Harlowe served as a Crew Chief during his time in the US Air Force. He held the rank of SGT. E-4.He received the AFGCM, the SEAM, and the RVN Ribbon. Mr. Harlowe was seperated from the Air Force in July 1970.

Rights and Access

Access Restrictions
Collection is open for research

Collection Inventory

Various documents from Jerry Harlowe's service in the US Air Force
Individual Collections H (D058.4)
Business Card fro Hanh-Long Hotel Cholon, Saigon
A letter to Sgt. Jerry Harlowe dated June 9, 1970 signed by "Kim"
A Hallmark birthday card from Jerry
A letter from the base Chaplin (Carl S. Mundinger) at Pleiku Air Base to Mrs. Nellie B. Harlowe discussing the topic of her sons arrival, safety, and what to send him.
Thanksgiving Day menu at Pleiku Air Base, Vietnam 1968
Thanksgiving Day menu at Pleiku Air Base, Vietnam 1969
Christmas Day menu at Pleiku Air Base, Vietnam 1968
Christmas Card purchased in Vietnam from Jerry to "you all"
Postcard (Giant Buddha picture) to Mr. & Mrs. C.F. Harlowe from Jerry talking about his trip to Pleiku Air Base
Letters between Jerry Harlowe and his family while he served in the USAF during Training camp in 1966.
Letter from the Red Cross to Harlowe's parents, 1966
Diary from training camp in August/September 1966
Letters between Jerry Harlowe and his family while he served in the USAF during 1967-1968
Lackland AFB Contact card, Postcard from Pleiku, and two article clippings featuring Harlowe, sent in the 17 June 1968 letter
Letters between Jerry Harlowe and his family while he served in the USAF in Vietnam, 26 July 1969-25 September 1969
Letters between Jerry Harlowe and his family while he served in the USAF in Vietnam, 1 October 1969-25 November 1969

20 June 1970, Last letter from Vietnam
Two undated letters with random notes and a picture of a tunrtable
Brochure on life of Father Vincent R. Capodanno, Navy Chaplain, KIA September 1967
Drink Coupon for Newton Towers, Singapore
Postcard Wake Island Aerial View
Set of postcards from Okinawa
Air Force Sticker
Lackland AFB postcard
Advertisement about Japan and R and R options for leave
Customs slip from Japan on items sent to Harlowe's parents in Baltimore
Postcard Directional Post
Letter to The Vietnam Archive from Jerry Harlowe, July 2009
Newsletter, September 2011 - 'FOCHgram' from the Friends of the Central Highlands, Inc.
'Religons of Vietnam' (pamphlet)
Letter from Chaplin and mailing envelope
Cover removed from the photo album
Various newspaper clippings and comic strips from scrap book
Birthday card and envelope
Colored drawing of an elephant representing a 'VC Mobile Rocket Launcher'
Postcard showing Ho Chi Minh inspecting a plant
Spring of the year of the monkey New Years card (1968)
Stars and Stripes Newspapers 1 January 1969 - 9 June 1970
(D054.1B)Oversized Individual Collections
The Observer 22 May 1970
The Air Force News 21 January 1970
Grunt Free Press March 1970
Draft drawings of AAI Corporation armored vehicles
Pages from Jerry Harlowe's scrapbooks
two newspaper clippling from Jerry Harlowe's scrapbook.

Separated Materials

Vietnam: Without a Dream by Jerry L. Harlowe, 2013 (inscribed by author) (2 copies).
VA054120 - VA054122: Photographs of "Kim" from the Hanh Long Hotel in Cholon, 1970.

VA054123: Photograph of children in the village of Kon Tum Konam, December 2007.

VA055917-VA056097: photos of Jerry Harlowes service in Vietnam in the United States Air Force stationed at Pleiku, 1968-1970 and R&R trip to Bangkok.

a strip of 4 photos of Harlowe soon after entering training at Lackland AFB 1966.

VA063914-VA064038 photos from Harlowe's photo album parts A, B, C, D.

most taken at Pleiku Air Base.


273 photographs from Jerry Harlowe's tour in Vietnam in 1969 consisting of aircrafts, soldiers, local Vietnamese, scenerey, base camps, dogs, Pleiku and R and R in Singapore.

5 photographs of Pleiku, Jerry Harlowe, and his R&R and service in Vietnam.
Museum Objects
2117museum3219: Montagnard knife.

2117museum3220: Montagnard knife.

2117museum3221: US AIR FORCE patch.

2117museum3222: Love beads.

2117museum3223: Air Force cigarette lighter.

2117museum3224: Engraved cigarette lighter.

2117museum3225: Various coins.

2117museum3226: Malaysian coins.

2117museum3227: NVA Officers field hat.

2117museum3228: NVA waist belt.

2117museum3229: Star stamped NVA buckle.

2117museum3230: Republic of Vietnam desk flag.

2117museum3231: Gold pillow sham.

2117museum3232: Remnant of jacket back with hand sewn map and "VIETNAM".

2117museum3233: Very large remnant of jacket back with hand sewn "SOUTHEAST ASIA 432nd RECON TECH SQ. 1966-1967 THAILAND".

2117museum3234: Short Timers Cane with middle finger extended and "Pleiku 68-70 GYPSY" engraved on stick.

2117museum3235: Short TImers bamboo cane.

2117museum3236: Hand carved statue of old man.

2117museum3237: Hand carved statue of a woman with a pot on her head, Singapore, 1970.

2117museum3238: Model "Swift Boat" PCF (Patrol Craft - Fast) made out of wood.

2117museum3239: Childs souvenir jacket from Vietnam.

2117museum3240: Wooden model Montagnard house.

2117museum3241: Small Viet Cong pocket flag.

2117museum3242: Rough knife from a NVA medical kit.

2117museum3243: Seiko self-winding watch.

2117museum3244: Yankee Air Pirate patch.

2117museum3245: American Peace flag.

2117museum3246: Hong Kong patch.

2117museum3247: Pair of artillery flechettes from a "beehive" 105mm round.

2117museum3248: Collar device for USAF enlisted personnel.

2117museum3249: Pair of jungle boots.

2117museum3250: Fatigue blouse.

2117museum3251: Mens briefs underwear.

2117museum3252: fatigue hat.

2117museum3253: Short timers stick with "Mark" and "CUCHI VIETNAM 66-67" engraved.

2117museum3254: Field made bamboo device for attaching camoflage to the chest.

2117museum3255: VC/NVA crude knife.

2117museum3256: Fatigue uniform.

2117museum3257: Fatigue uniform.

2117museum3258: Maj. Dolighans field uniform and trousers.

2117museum3259: Maj. Dolighans field jacket.

2117museum3260: Fatigue coat.

2117museum3261: Maj. Dolighans stateside fatigue uniform.

2117museum3262: Samsonite suitcase.

2117museum3263: Air Defense Patch.

2117museum3264: Airman E-1 stripe.

2117museum3467: Leather luggage name tag.

2117museum4007: Montagnard Crossbow with Quiver and Arrows.

2117museum4223-(D231.5) Hand Carved wooden Helicopter model.

2117museum4407 Two Vietnamese Dolls wearing Ao Dais.

2117museum4410 Montagnard friendship bracelet worn by Jerry Harlowe, 1969.

2117museum4411 French Indochina Vichy Government Coins, 1940 - 1943.

2117museum4412 Chinese Communist Ammo Vest purchased from Vietnamese Helicopter Crewmen at Pleiku Air Base, 1969.

2117museum4413 Woman's Utility Shirt worn by Captain Sheliga.

2117museum4414 Woman's Utility Shirt worn by Major Knight.

2117museum4415 Men's Tropical Combat Coat worn by Major Dolighan.

2117museum4416 Men's Trousers.

2117museum4417 Woman's Utility Slacks.

2117museum4605-Silk Flag.

2117museum4606- 1968 Viet Cong flag.

2117museum4607- 1967 Red banner with gold loop fringe around the edge.

2117museum4608- Bamboo Montagnard pipe.

2117museum4609- Wood and horn Montagnard pipe.

2117museum4610- Brass Montagnard bracelet.

2117museum4611- 1968 Chien Thang badge.

2117museum4612- Chien Dich Ho Chi Minh red and gold badge.

2117museum4613- Screw on hat device.

2117museum4614- Red metal lighter VC (NLF).

2117museum4615-Embroidered Viet Cong Flag with the inscription 'Quyet Thang 1970'.

2117museum4616- Handmade Montagnard bush knife made for Jerry Harlowe in Kontum in 2007.
Electronic Media
2117EM0548 - Jerry L. Harlowe's scrapbook (digitized).
2117AU2385: Tropic Lightning: The Band and Chorus of the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam [1969].
8 - Stars and Stripes Newspapers 1 January 1969 - 9 June 1970.

The Observer 22 May 1970.

The Air Force News 21 January 1970.

Grunt Free Press March 1970.

Digitized Materials

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

To search for items within this collection, or within all of the holdings of the Vietnam Archive, go to the Virtual Vietnam Archive