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Collection Finding Aid

Louis Rios Collection
Americal Division Veterans Association
Collection Number
3.0 linear feet
Physical Location(s)
D097.6; Library Collection; D227.2 Museum Objects Collection; Photograph Collection; Cold Storage Vault; Newsletter Collection; Serial Collection; Periodical Collection
Processed by
K. Conness, Dec. 2009[Updated: Dec. 2014 by C. Martinez]
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Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

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Scope and Content

Approximately nine linear feet of books, periodicals, newsletters, video, DVDs, photographs, reunion information, correspondence, articles, artifacts, and ephemeral material document Louis Rios' service with the Americal Division in the Vietnam War and his subsequent membership in the Americal Division Veterans Association after the war.

Biographical Note

Louis Phillip Rios was born in Santa Barbara, California in 1945. He was drafted in 1968 in the United States Army where he served one year and ten months of active duty service with A 1/20th, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, 23rd Americal Division. While with A 1/20th Rios served as a squad leader in Duc Pho, Vietnam. He participated in combat mission out of Ha Thanh with Special Forces in 1968. During his service in Vietnam he received many Awards and Citations including Vietnam Service Medal, National Defense Medal, Bronze Star, and a Purple Heart for wounds sustained in combat. He retired due to medical reasons in 1969 at the rank of Specialist. Rios currently belongs to Disable American Veterans, Americal Division Veterans Association, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. After the military he worked for the United States Postal Office for thirty-three years.

Rights and Access

Access Restrictions
Restricted: Documents with SSN, Personal Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, and Home Addresses - No Copies made per Ty Lovelady

Collection Inventory

Federal Benefits for Veterans And Dependents 1995 Edition - Pamphlet
Benenfits for Veterans and Service Personnel with Service Since January 31, 1995 and Their Dependents- VA Pamphlet 20-67-1 January 1979
Benenfits for Veterans and Service Personnel with Service Since January 31, 1995 and Their Dependents- VA Pamphlet 20-67-1 March 1981
Federal Benefits for Veterans And Dependents 1994 Edition - Pamphlet
"Need a Lift?" 36th Edition
Disability Seperation

DoD PA-1A/ DA Pam 360-506/NAVPERS 15863E / AFP 211-10/NAVMC 1117-PD/CG-283
"What Every Veteran Should Know" 1979 about Veterans' Benefits
"Veteran Health Today" Fall 2009
"Veteran Health Today" Sprng 2000 (2copies)
Federal Benefits for Veterans And Dependents- IS-1 Fact Sheet - Jan 1988
Once A Veteran - Benefits/Rights/Obligations
Indroducing VA's New Health Care Program
Federal Benefits for Veterans And Dependents - Va Pamphlet 80-92-1
Fee Basis Informational Pamphlet - August 1993
Handbook on Retirement Services for Army Personnel and Their Families - DA PAM 600-5, January 1969
Various of Pamphlets and Facts sheets regarding the Department of Veteran Affairs
Lois Rios handwritten personal reflections and comments regarding the Vietnam War.
Various documents, letters, and pamphlets on the Military Order of the Purple Heart
Military Order of the Purple Heart membership Car
"Never Forget: The Story Behind The Vietnam/Veterans Memorial" booklet
Tommy F. Acosta personal reflections about the Vietnam Memorial
Rubbings from the Vietnam Memorial of Gilbert M. Maestas and William L. Overstreet
Decdeication of the Monument Prayer
1999, 2001, 2004, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Calendar
Two Certificates of Appreciation to Louis P. Rios by The Wall Society
11th Infantry Brigade Trident News Sheets from May 31, 1968 to September27, 1968
Americal News Sheets from January 18,1968 to September 18, 1968
Copy of Article" 1/20 Sykes' Regulars"
Copy of Article " Why have so few Americans ever hears about Billy Walkabout?" 10/07
Various of newspaper clippings regarding the Americal Divison and 11th Bridage during Vietnam
Article Clipping titled "PBS' History of Vietnam - A Series of Sorrows" by Bob Brewin
Magazine Clipping, "Rest & Recuperation for U.S. Fighting Men"
Newspaper clipping "Ready for Casting"
Magazine Clipping, "Making of a Medal" by Patriot Bill Bacon
Various of newspaper clipping regarding VA benefit and health information
Alpha Company 1st Battlaion 20th Infantry printed copy of website
4 copies of the Diretory for Retirement Services Officers (RSOs)
An interview with Mr. Louis Rios -Vietnam War
Vietnam E.R.A. (Education - Reconciliation - Association) order form
Example from the "Southern Cross" and order form
Initial Orientation Memorandum, 10 January 1968
Vietnam Veterans of America Products Division Order Form
Letter to Louis Rios from Leslies Hines regarding a Americal Division CD-ROM
Online informaiton regarding Medals and Ribbons
Map of different points in Vietnam
Herbicide Spray Map
Online Article "Are You Fit...or Fat?"
American Hiking Society online information
Defense Ficanace and Accounting Service letter to Louis Rios
"Together Then Together Now" - 1985, May 4 1985
Information regarding membership in the Far West Chapter, Americal Division Veterans Association
Selective Service envelope for Louis Philip Rios
Time Life Books Advertisements for, "The Vietnam Experience"
Digital picture of Mu Lui
Archival Research International, Washington, D.C. booklet
Fort Polk, Louisiana Army Postcard
Brochure for The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis
Various Veteran Association membership cards
Various of Veteran Stickers
Army postcard
Brochure for "Arlington National Cemetery"
Various of newspaper photo clippings and comic strips of the Vietnam War
Safe-Conduct Pass
2 "Short" calendar
National Personal Records Center scratch paper
"God...said no" by Frank Diamond, Special to the Daily News
"Together Again" 2004 Reno Americal Reunion Booklet
Americal Division Veterans Association, National Reunion 2005 Kansas City, MO Booklet
Americal Division Veterans Association, Reunion 2007, Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY Booklet
Various of documents, ticket stubs and digital copies of photos from different Americal Division Reunions from 1999 - 2007
Digital copies of Photos by John McNown of Hq section 2nd Platoon 9/15/1968
Americal Division Veterans Association Membership Information
Key for casualty codes from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Database
History and Lineage Americal Division Official History
History 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry, "Sykes Regulars"
11th Light Infantry Brigade Casualty List
Example of an Operational Report
U.S. Army Helicopter Tail Number 66-00970 (UH-1D/H Huey) history.
Recollection from a Vietnam Veteran
Los Angeles Times Opinion Section, April 7, 1985
Oversize D81.1
Los Angeles Times Calendar Section, May 26, 1986
Los Angeles Times View Section, March 10, 1985
Santa Barbara News Press Peoples Section, May 7, 1985
Santa Barabara News Press Article, " President Foresees More Active Combat Role for Gis in Viet" July 13, 1965
Santa Barabara News Press Article, " Vietnam's People Siding With Reds" August 30, 1962
Los Angeles Times Article, "A Visit to Vietnam" March 14, 2000
Los Angeles Times article clippings about the Vietnam War (April 13, 1964-June 6, 1966)

Separated Materials

Never Forget: the Story Behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial edited by List Gough, 2008.

Transformations: UC Santa Barbara, 1909 - 1979 by Robert Kelley, 1981.

The Last Christmas Show by Bob Hope as told to Pete Martin, 1974.

Last Night I Dreamed of Peace: the Diary of Dan Thuy Tram translated by Andrew X. Pham, 2007.

Voices from the Wall, complied by Jan C. Scruggs, 1999.

Dreams Unfulfilled: Stories of the Men and Women on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Jan C. Scruggs, 2010.

The Wall That Heals by Jan C. Scruggs, 1992.

Vietnam Order of Battle by Shelby L. Stanton, 1987.

Days of Valor: An Inside Account of the Bloodiest Six Months of the Vietnam War by Robert L. Tonsetic, 2007.

Treasures of Mexico from the Mexican National Museums.

The Viet Vet Survival Guide, 1985.

Military Order of the Purple Heart - Membership Directory 2003.
VA057131-VA057138, VA057145-VA057151, VA057165-VA2057175: 26 Photos of "The Moving Wall" in Santa Barbara, California.

2 photos of friends while in Vietnam, LZ Bronco.

21 Photos of the Americal Division reunion and of Louis Rios.

VA057128-VA057130: 3 photos 2001 Americal Division reunion in Cleveland.

VA057164: 4 photos of Louis Rios in Vietnam.

1 photo of the "Tigerland" Ft. Polk, LA. 1968.

1 photo of Louis Rios and Tom Acosta at the Vietnam Memorial.
The Vietnam Memorial, Washington D.C.
Museum Objects
2159museum3390 - 23rd Infantry Division "Americal" Cap.

2159museum3391, 3392, 3393 - Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Cap (3).

2159museum3394 - Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry T-Shirt.

2159museum3395 - Americal Division Veterans Association license plate holder.

2159museum3396 - Americal Division Veterans Association Reunion pin from Reno, Nevada, 2004.

2159museum3397 - Vietnam Veteran Cap.

2159museum3449 - Louis Rios & Roberta Rios name tags from Americal Division Veterans Assocation Reunions.

2159museum3450 - Americal Division Lanyard.
Electronic Media
2159EM0460 - Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Documents.

2159EM0461 - Americal Division Documents for Louis Rios, Volume 3.

2159EM0462 - Military Order of the Purple Heart Membership Directory 2003.
Agent Orange Review, February 1997.

Agent Orange Review, May 2000.

Agent Orange Review, August 2000 (2 copies).

Agent Orange Review, May 2002.

Agent Orange Review, May 2002.

Agent Orange Review, July 2003 (2 copies).

Agent Orange Review, February 2004.

Agent Orange Review, November 2004.

Americal Journal, April/June 2007.

Americal Journal, July/September 2007.

Americal Journal, October/December 2007.

Americal Journal, January/March 2008.

Americal Newsletter, October/December 1998.

Americal Newsletter, April/June 1999.

Americal Newsletter, January/March 2000.

Americal Newsletter, April/June 2000.

Americal Newsletter, July/September 2000.

Americal Newsletter, January/March 2001.

Americal Newsletter, January/March 2002.

Americal Newsletter, April/June 2002.

Americal Newsletter, July/September 2002.

Americal Newsletter, October/December 2002.

Americal Newsletter, April/June 2003.

Americal Newsletter, July/September 2003.

Americal Newsletter, October/December 2003.

Americal Newsletter, January/March 2004.

Americal Newsletter, April/June 2004.

Americal Newsletter, July/September 2004.

Americal Newsletter, October-December 2004.

Americal Newsletter, January/March 2005.

Army Echoes, Issue 3, 1991.

Army Echoes, Issue 4, 1991.

Army Echoes, January/March 1992.

Army Echoes, April/June 1992.

Army Echoes, July/September 1992.

Army Echoes, July/September 1993.

Army Echoes, October/Dec 1993.

Army Echoes, July-September 1995.

Army Echoes, Janauary/March 1996.

Army Echoes, April/June 1996.

Army Echoes, July/September 1996.

Army Echoes, January/March 1997.

Army Echoes, July/September 1997.

Army Echoes, Oct/Dec 1997.

Army Echoes, Issue 3, 1999.

Army Echoes, Issue 2, 1999.

Army Echoes, Issue 1, 2000.

Army Echoes, Issue 1, 2001.

Army Echoes, Issue 3, 2001.

Army Echoes, December 2002.

Army Echoes, May 2003.

Army Echoes, May/August 2004.

Army Echoes, September/December 2004.

Evigilare, August 2000.

Greater L.A. Today, May/June 2000.

Headquarters 7th Infantry Division (Light) and Fort ORD, Retirement Services Newsletter.

Honors. August 1997.

Honors, July 1998.

Honors, July 2002.

Military Retiree Newsletter, March/April 2003.

Retiree Activities Office, March 2000.

The Cannon, January 2005.

The Cannon, October 2006.

The Salute, 3rd edition.
C.I.B. Media, 2nd Quarter, 1997.

C.I.B. Media, Fall 1998 (2 Copies).

Goin' to Kansas City, Winter 2004.

H.J. Saunders, US Military Insignia, Cat No. 96.

Honors, Your Number one Source Military Pins,Patches, Belt Buckles & Accessories.

Life, March 27, 1970.

Life, May 8, 1970.

Life, October 16, 1970.

Life, May 21, 1971.

Life, May 12, 1972.

Life, July 21, 1972.

Life, September 29, 1972.

Life, November 10, 1972.

Los Angeles Times, October 5, 1965.

Los Angeles Times, April 28, 1985.

Los Angeles Times, April 30, 1985.

Los Angeles Times, May 1, 1985.

Los Angeles Times, May 8, 1985.

Los Angeles Times, May 27, 1984.

Los Angeles Times Calendar, May 25, 1986.

Los Angles Time Magazine, 13 December 1987.

Medals of America, NO. 30 (2 Copies).

Military, October 2003.

Military Matters.

Newsweek, 14 December 1981.

Newsweek, 15 April 1985.

Niagara USA, 2007-2008.

Parade, July 11, 1982.

Postal Bulletin, May 15, 2003.

Purple Heart Magazine, January/ February 2000.

Purple Heart Magazine, May/June 2001.

Purple Heart Magazine, March/April 2003.

Purple Heart Magazine, September/October 2003.

Purple Heart Magazine, May/June 2005.

Reno/Tahoe America's Adventure Place.

Santa Barbara News Press, January 1, 1973.

Santa Barbara News Press, May 4, 1985.

Santa Barbara News Press, May 11, 1985.

Santa Barbara News & Review, April 25, 1985.

The VVA Veteran, September/October 2002.

Time, 15 April 1985.

Time, 6 January 1986.

Time, 26 January 1987.

Time, 7 May 2001.

Vietnam, October 1999.

Vietnam, June 2000.

Vietnam, October 2000.

Vietnam, August 2001.

Vietnam, April 2002.

Vietnam, June 2002.

Vietnam, August 2002.

Vietnam, October 2002.

Vietnam, December 2002.

Vietnam, June 2003.

Vietnam, December 2003.

Vietnam, February 2004.

Vietnam, April 2004.

Vietnam, June 2004.

Vietnam, August 2004 (2 copies).

Vietnam, October 2004.

Vietnam, December 2004.

Vietnam, February 2005.

Vietnam, April 2005.

Vietnam, June 2005.

Vietnam, August 2005.

Vietnam, August 2007.

Vietnam, October 2007.

Vietnam, February 2008.

Vietnam, April 2008.

Vietnam, June 2008.

VietNow, Fall 2000.

Digitized Materials

Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

To search for items within this collection, or within all of the holdings of the Vietnam Archive, go to the Virtual Vietnam Archive