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Dominick Cirincione Collection
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188.7 linear feet
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D059.2A(Oversize), D059.7, Library, Photograph Collection, Slide Collection, Poster Collection, Cold Storage Vault, Museum Objects, Periodical Collection, Moving Image Collection; D157.1
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J. Saffell, May. 2006[Updated: Jun. 2015 by M. Dutill]
Digitization Status
Items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

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Scope and Content

Just over six linear feet of books, photographs, slides, posters, museum objects, CD-ROMs, moving images, audio tapes, newsletters, periodicals, correspondence, calendars, and various other materials document both Dominick Cirincione's work with Bell Helicopter and various issues related to the Vietnam Conflict generally. Materials date from both the war and post-war periods and include an essay by James Webb that compares World War II and Vietnam generations, titled "The American Enterprise", 2002. Cultural materials, including various films, plays, and novels are also included in the collection and include The Big Chill; Good Morning, Vietnam; the Rambo films; Flatliners and many others. Most of the materials are in fair to good condition.

Rights and Access

Access Restrictions
Collection is open for research

Collection Inventory

They Filled the Skies: Arthur Young...Maker of the Bell

Larry Bell...Aviation Trailblazer
How to Find What You Need on the Internet, June 1999
Photocopied photogaph - Tarrant County's Bell Helicopter Textron Making the Army's UH-1 Iroquis Series Helicopter
We Were Soldiers - Official Film Website brochure for Miss Saigon in Dallas
Positively Focused, Strong Investor, March 11, 2002
Joe Galloway at the Ia Drang, March 8, 2002 Bell Helicopter News February issue 2000
Joe Galloway's Speech at the Vietnam Helciopter Pilots Association Diner, July 3, 2000
Wall Street Journal Article by Ralph Peters, March 5, 2002
H-13 Sioux
Airmobile: The Helicopter War in Vietnam
Ground War - Vietnam Vol. 2 1965-1968
Veteran Biographical Data Questionnaire, January 29, 2000
American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours - Vietnam and Cambodia
Photocopy of "We Were Soldiers' Shows Us Brave Hearts," USA Today, March 1, 2002
Photocopy of "Vietnam Lauds Passage of U.S. Trade Pact," Bozeman Daily Chronicle, October 5, 2001
Photocopy of "Dog Tags of Marine Who Died in Vietnam Returned to Mom," Dallas Morning News July 5, 2001
Photocopy of photograph of helicopters
Facts to Remember - New Hires for Bell Helicopter
Photocopy of "Identifying America's Unknown Soldiers," Fort Worth Star Telegram, April 30, 2000
Internet printout of "Bringing Home the Boys," March 24, 2000
Bell Helicopter Company - Activity Report, April 4, 1971
Bell Helicopter Company - Activity Report, October 24, 1971
Oral History Interview with Dominick Cirincione, April 19, 2000
Photcopied News Articles, April 30 - May 1, 1995
Bell Helicopter Textron - Summary of Bell Helicopter Configurations, April 18, 1991
Joke Telegram Concerning Marine Aircraft Group 16, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, August 21, 1970
Bell Helicopter Activity Report, May 31, 1970
Bell Helicopter Activity Report, January 30, 1972
Bell Helicopter Activity Report, April 4, 1971
Bell Helicopter Activity Report, July 11, 1971
Bell Helicopter Company Activity Report, August 8, 1971
Bell Helicopter Company Activity Report, October 24, 1971
Bell Helicopter Company Activity Report, January 9, 1972
Collection of NLF Pamphlets
Viet Cong Atrocities and Sabotage in Vietnam
Sacred Cities of Southeast Asia - A Voyage to Indonesia, Borneo, Vietnam, and Cambodia
What Can the Helicopter Industry Expect from MLS, Rotor & Wing International, February 1983
Vietnam Sojourn
Photocopy of "Vietnam Celebrates Danang Anniversary," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, March 29, 2000
Heart of India - Taj, Temples, and Tigers
Playbill for Ms. Saigon
Summer at the Casa and the Bass, 1999
E-Mail from Marty Boyle to Nick Cirincione, May 29, 1999
Mail Advertisements for The Vietnam Experience from Time Life Books
Bell Helicopter News, April 1, 1994
Letter from the Kiplinger Washington Editors, July 30, 1999
Vietnam Veteran's Terminology and Slang
Bell Helicopter - Statement of Service, Accomplishment, and Performance, March 31, 1972
A Guide to Vietnam: A Television History
Postcard of AH-1G Hueycobra
Photcopied Articles from Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Bell Helicopter News, January 2000
Bell Helicopter News, February 2000
Bell Helicopter Company Inter-Office Memos
Certificates of Recognition for Dominick Cirincione
Bell Helicopter Textron - Summary of Bell Helicopter Configurations, April 18, 1991
Photocopy of "Vietnam in Review," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, April 30, 2000
Southwestern Archivist, November 1997
Southwestern Archivist, February 1998
Southwestern Archivist, May 1998
Southwestern Archivist, November 1998
Southwestern Archivist, May 2000
E-Mail Correspondence between Nick Cirincione and Ron Cribbs
Excerpts from the Bangkok Post, February 13, 2000
DD-214 for Dominick Cirincione
Letter from Dominick Cirincione to New York Airways, Inc., November 13, 1964
Dominick Cirincione - List of Organization Memberships
Photocopy of "What Is a Contractor Rep?" by B. A. Taylor
Dominick J. Cirincione Work History including inter-office memos and citations
Bell Helicopter Texitron
Letter from LTV Electrosystems, Inc. to Robert L. Suggs, President of Petroleum Helicopters, Inc., February 16, 1967
Photocopied Excerpts from Northeast Metro, December 16, 2000
Barnes and Noble Title List, February 1, 2000
Photocopy of "On Historic Trip, Clinton Will Find Vietnam Linked to U.S.," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, November 9, 2000
Remarks Prepared for Delivery at the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Dinner and Reunion in Washington, D.C., July 3, 2000
The Kiplinger Letter, February 9, 2001
Brochure from Tarrant County College Written in Vietnamese - Tieng Anh Ngon Ngu Phu
Photocopy of "Joy for Vietnam," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, May 1, 2000
Letter from the Sydney Stock Exchange Limited to Dominick Cirincione
Stamps and Currency
Photocopied Excerpts from Southwestern Archivist, February 2001
The Kiplinger Letter, February 9, 2001
Cruise: Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore, December 5-24, 2000
The American Enterprise by James Webb
Film Will Chronicle Legacy of the Huey,
Photocopy of "Vietnam Tribes' Plight Troubles Refugees, Vets," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 2, 2003
Photocopy of "Filmaker Gathers Copter Stories," Fort Worth Star-Telegram, October 13, 2002
Brochure for Aviation Museums of North Texas
Brochure for The CAT/Air America Archive, The University of Texas at Dallas, History of Aviation Collection
Internet printouts articles, and notes about Bell's military technical support and Iraq
Photocopy of an article from The Futurist (March - April 2004): Religious Upsurge in Vietnam (2 copies)
Photocopy of an article from FLM Magazine (Winter 2004): 13 questions and answerson the filmmaking of Errol Morris by Errol Morris (Morris made The Fog of War featuring an interview with former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara)
American Museum of Natural History brochure describing a trip to Vietnam: The Ethnic and Traditions and Biodiversity of Vietnam (November 5 - 20, 2004)
Brochure featuring various movies (including The Fog of War) being shown in the Dallas area in February, 2004
Photocopy of an article from the Port Lavaca Wave Visitor's Guide: Helicopter dedicated to veterans of war (6.238.03)
Emails and articles printed from the Internet
Historic UH-1H to depart from Bell for Smithsonian Tuesday (2.5.04)
UH-1H - Aircraft 091 - begins the final journey (2.11.04) (2 copies)
Email from Marvin Connaway to Cirincione - Pilot Bush: The Real Story (2.17.04) (2 copies)
Email from Marvin Connaway to Cirincione - One Man's Opinion (2.17.04) (2 copies)
Email from Marvin Connaway to Cirincione - Something's Fishy (2.18.04) (2 copies)
Email from Marvin Connaway to Cirincione - Who's Kerry? (3.11.04) (2 copies)
Email from Marvin Connaway to Cirincione - Veterans want Kerry to answer some questions (4.22.04) (2 copies)
Excerpts from Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association newsletter (March-April 2004 and May / June 2004)
Internet printout of photographs from
Internet printout of Smithsonian National Museum of American History press release: National Museum of American History Revitalizes Military History Hall "The Price of Freedom" exhibition opens on Veteran's Day (January 22, 2004) (2 copies)
Internet printout of article Communist Vietnamese Honor John Kerry, the War Protestor, as a Hero in the Communist Victory over the United States in the Vietnam War (2 copies)
Pamphlet American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours Southeast Asia Unveiled: Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia
Internet printout of article Army Copter Center Planned for Former Central Texas Air Base (May 25, 2004) (2 copies)
Internet printout of Osprey Publishing website featuring books on Vietnam and helicopters
Ticket stub from Dallas Summer Musicals presents Miss Saigon, Friday June 4, 2004, at Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas, Texas
Playbill for musical Miss Saigon at Music Hall at Fair Park, Dallas, Texas (2 copies)
Cast listing for Big League Theatricals, Inc., production of Miss Saigon at Fair Park, Dallas, Texas
Program from Big League Theatricals, Inc., Miss Saigon
Photocopy of newspaper article "Beyond'Fahrenheit' Go Rent 'Fog of War'" by Victoria Loe Hicks (26 June 2004) (2 copies)
2004 calendar from "In the Shadow of the Blade" documentary film (2 copies)
Bell Helicopter 2004 Calendar (2 copies)
Page from calendar discussing Touring Vietnam, highlighting Saigon, Dalat, Nha Trang, Hoi An and Hanoi (3 copies)
Naval Air Systems Command News Release "America's Huey visits America's newest Huey
Three emails (2 copies each) to Cirincione from friends regarding John Kerry's service in Vietnam
Text of speech by Democratic Senator Zell Miller of Georgia as prepared for delivery Wednesday at the Republican National Convention (2 copies)
E-mail Bring it on, John (2 copies)
E-mail The unsubstantiated heroism of Hanoi John (2 copies)
Printout of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth website (2 copies)
printout of website article Kerry Honored by Vietnamese Communist (2 copies)
E-mail Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold (2 copies)
E-mail The more John Kerry changes, the more he stays the same (2 copies)
Political cartoon Vietnam War Hero
E-mail printout of David Limbaugh article "The Bizarre Candidacy of John Kerry" (2 copies)
E-mail printout of Ann Coutler column "C-BS" (2 copies)
E-mail printout of article "War Without Spin" (2 copies)
Photocopy of Fort Worth Star-Telegram editorial "Great Expectations: Kerry pulls a 'swift' one by Monty Snow (2 copies)
Computer printout of Associated Press article "Sinclair will not air entire anti-Kerry film (2 copies)
Computer printout of article "Stolen Honor producer predicts Kerry apology (2 copies)
Computer printout of Marvin Olasky editorial "Why Liberals Rule Academia and Media" (2 copies)
Computer printout of "An Open Letter to All Libertarians by Dr. John Hospers" (2 copies)
Computer printout of Talon News article "Vietnam POWs Slam Kerry in Documentar" (2 copies)
Computer printout of "Nightline Uses Ex-Viet Cong to Discredit Swifties and O'Neil" (2 copies)
Computer printout of "Kerry's betrayal of his brothers" (2 copies)
Computer printout of "Kerry Lost Security Clearance" (2 copies)
Computer printout of "What Democrats Still Don't Get" (2 copies)
Computer printout of email comparing Presidents Bush and Clinton (2 copies)
Computer printout of "Dan Rather

Fairly Unbalanced" (2 copies)
Computer printout of email "The Ballad of Dan Rather" (2 copies)
Computer printout of "Fallujah-The View of one Marine Who is There" (2 copies)
Photocopy of Dallas Morning News editorial "Kerry's New Stand" (2 copies)
Computer printout of "Parlex-vous Political Free Fall?" (2 copies)
Computer printout of "Targeting Our Democracy" by Charles Krauthammer (2 copies)
Computer printout of Christian Science Monitor article "Is Anyone Ever Prepared to Kill?" (2 copies)
Computer printout of Michelle Malkin article "Democrats Gone Wild!" (2 copies)
Computer printout website information for video "Stolen Honor" (2 copies)
Computer printout of Ross Mackenzie article "A 55 Point Chasm in Military Support for Kerry and Bush" (2 copies)
Computer printout of Mathew Manweller article "Election Determines Fate of Nation" (2 copies)
Photocopy of articles from "The Week"
Photocopy of bumper stickers
Photocopy of Epilogue of book "Ending the Vietnam War" by Henry Kissinger (2 copies)
Computer printout of "The New Soldier" by John Kerry
computer printout from world net daily "Kerry's Non-Honorable Discharge: Earl Lively Makes Solid Case Senator left Navy Under a Cloud" (2 copies)
computer printout from "Demorcratic Voter Delusions" (2 copies)
Dallas Star Telegram Viewpoints: "A Humble Invitation for Veterans to Join Party" by Dave Lieber (2 copies) Computer printout from "Photo of Huey at 'Price of Freedom' Exhibit" (2 copies) Bismark Tribune article "Ron Silver says GOP activism has cost him in Hollywood" by Beth Fouhy (2 copies) Computer printout from website "A Tribute to All Who Now Serve" (2 copies) E-mail printout, "You're a Republican??" (2 copies)
computer printout from Brookhaven College website for Vietnamese language class (2 pages)
computer printout of email "Helicopters in Combat" (2 copies)
computer printout of website discussing psychological resistance against killing during the war
photocopy of page from "Southwest Archivist" (November 2004) showing the Allen Commander Collection at McNeese State University Archives (2 copies)
Advertisement for the World Money Show
Materials gathered during the World Money Show about Vietnam investment, business and trade
photocopy of article "Grand Strategy in the Second Term" by John Lewis Gaddis in the January/February 2005 issue of Foreign Affairs Journal
pages printed from concerning the 2004 Presidential election and the activities of the candidates and other groups supporting the candidates
pages printed from concerning the 2004 Presidential election and the charges against Senator John Kerry brought by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
Agenda for the symposium State of American Journalism at TCU Schieffer School of Journalism
Agenda for the naming ceremony of the TCU Schieffer School of Journalism
Photocopy of USA Today article "Schieffer set to fill Rather's CBS seat"
Vietnam Magazine Perspectives, "Two books written in the 1950s cast the Vietnam War and U.S. Foreign Policy Through an eerily Prescient Fictional Prism" (two copies) (April 2005)
Tour information: Temples and Traditions Hong Kong, VIetnam Cambodia and Thailand 1-9 November 2005
Photocopy of Time Magazine article "Change in Command: The Iraqis Learn the Ropes" (25 April 2005) (2 copies)
Photocopy of AARP Magazine article, "Words of War" and printout of book "Vietnam Graffatti" mentioned in article
Photocopied pages from book "The Fog of War" by James G. Blight and Janet Lang
Photocopy of Dallas Morning News article "Vietnam Marks War's end, Warns of Future (30 April 2005)
Photocopy of newspaper article "Vietnam War: 30 Years Later"
Postcard announcing the exhibition of photographs taken by Cpl. Joel Chaverri, USMC of the Battle of Fallujah. Exhibit was at the Frontiers of Flight Museum (2 copies)
Computer generated photographs of Dominick Cirincione while in Vietnam
article, "Bell's Military Technical Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom" by Terry Dake
newspaper article, "The Welcome They've Been Waiting For"
newspaper article, "Fighting Terrorism" (2 copies)
newspaper letters to the editor, "Dear Veteran, Thank you for serving our country" (2 copies)
email from Terry Boich to Dominick Cirincione entitled Perspective regarding the delay of airline flight while awaiting arrival of returning soldiers from a war zone (2 copies)
Traditions Military Videos Catalog Zenith Press Catalog (Summer/Fall 2005)
Article from Dallas Morning News 23 October 2005
Article from the Legal Reformer July-September 2005
Photocopy of Rapid City Journal newspaper article "Praise, anger mingle at rally to support troops" 26 September 2005 (2 copies)
Press Release regarding the opening of the "Price of Freedom" exhibition at the National Museum of American History 22 January 2004 (2 copies)
Photocopy of Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper article "Rally in Crawford attracts pro-Bush crowds" 28 August 2005 (2 copies)
Photocopy of Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper article " Our Choices are severely limited" and "Why have many remained silent?" 28 August 2005 (2 copies)
American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours Travel Guide: Vietnam and Cambodia
Photocopy of Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper article "Vietnam Vet donates choppers" 30 January 2006 (2 copies)
Photocopy of newspaper article "Digging deeper for news from the frontlines in the Irag war" by David A. Brown, 25 January 2005 (2 copies)
Photocopy of newspaper article "KISD considers ban on foreign students" by Sandra Engelland 9 December 2005 (2 copies)
Photocopy of journal article "Emotional Healing: Off Balance in Vietnam" by Richard Gayton (2 copies)
Photocopy of Earthwatch Institute's 2006 Adventure Guide (2 copies)
Photocopy of newspaper article "Veteran's sign on death toll upsets recruiters 1 January 2006 (2 copies)
Event program for the Confluence Project Cape Disappointment State Park Dedication 18 November 2005
Newsletter for the supporters of the Confluence Project, Fall 2005 (2 copies)
Introduction to "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America" by David Horowitz (Regnery Publishing, Inc.)
Page 5 of "The Friends of the Vietnam Center" Newsletter : From the Director, concerning Rober Buzzanco's view of the 5th Triennial Vietnam Center Symposium
Three aviation hobby catalogs
Through the Years with Bell Helicopter brochure
Bell Helicopter Highlights
1998 Bell Helicopter Textron Calendar
Bell Helicopter Textron booklet
Bell Helicopter OH-58D Kiowa Warrior booklet
Bell Helicopter AH-1W Supercobra booklet
Photocopies of various newspaper articles regarding the War in Iraq and the Vietnam War
Two process papers from The Texas State History Museum's High School Senior Division "History Day" Poster Contest (29 April 2006)
The American Museum of Natural History Expeditions brochure for "The Magnificent Mekong: Cambodia and Vietnam Aboard Mekong Pandaw"
Model specification sheets for American made helicopters
Photocopy of article from Fort Worth Star-Telegram titled Texas Archive holds clues to POW/MIAs, 28 May 2006 (2 copies)
Photocopy of article from Fort Worth Star-Telegram titled Vietnam wall replica to travel to Arlington for the weekend, 20 June 2006 (2 copies)
Article titled Heart of Haditha by Bruce Fleming, 7 June 2006
Article titled Treason is Not Merely Dissenting Against Wars by Richard Reeb, 5 June 2006
Article titled Grunts Suffer for Leaders' Mistakes by Joe Galloway, 8 June 2006
Photocopy of The Portolan, the journal of the Washington Map Society, Number 65 Spring 2006
Brochure for the Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall Experience (2 copies)
Brochure for the Arlington, Texas Veterans Park
Photocopy of an article titled Why Do Liberal Media Despise Soldiers? by Rabbi Aryeh Spero, 13 June 2006 (2 copies)
Photocopy of an article titled Don't Call Ann Coulter the Michael Moore of the Right by Humberto Fontova, 20 June 2006 (2 copies)
Photocopy of an article titled Dan Rather in history by Brent Bozell, 21 June 2006 (2 copies)
Photocopy of newsletter article regarding global business and the Vietnam economy, 23 June 2006
Flyer for the Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall at the Moore Funeral Home and Cemetery, Arlington, Texas, 23 -25 June 2006 (2 copies)
Photocopy of a Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper article titled A lack of blue blood in uniform by Joseph Galloway, 26 June 2006 (2 copies)
Photocopy of a USA Today article titled Comic Ross makes 'Movie' of Iraq tour by Thomas K. Arnold, 7 July 2006 (2 copies) (regards movie titled Patriot Act within collection)
Photocopy of AARP magazine article titled Staying Powell by Nancy Perry Graham, July and August 2006
USA Today article: More say US focus should be home (14-16 April 2006) (3 copies)
Work history of Nick Cirincione (2 copies)
Bell Products are out Front in Iraq War by Terry Dake (2 copies)Bell's Military Technical Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom by Terry Dake (2 copies)
Scanned copy of photo of Cirincione in Vietnam (early 1970s)
USA Today article: Vietnam POWs forged brotherhood in captivity (3 March 2003) (4 copies)
Dallas Morning News article: Pressures of war forcing Army to speed up changes (20 March 2006) (2 copies)
McKinney Messenger article printed from on-line sources (2 copies)
Article: UTA's flag decision sparks student protests (no date)
Excerpt from Colgate-Palmolive 2005 Annual Report
Northwest Helicopters LLC / Turbines Ltd. brochure
American Helicopter Museum publications
Article: "Iraq War: The generals at the breakfast table" by Joseph Galloway (9/12/2006)
Article: "The View from Toronto: A world that's reeling" by Joe Williams
Article: "Merrill Bullish on Vietnam"
Photocopy of Peublo Chieftain Newspaper Article Titled: Shades of the 60's: Mushroom drug changes attitudes, study says, 11 July 2006 (2 copies)
Photocoy of an article titled: "Life and Death" by Shelby Steele, 22 August 2006 (2 copies)
Photocopy of an article titled " Why the world hates America" by Michael Medved 23 August 2006 (2 Copies)
Photocopy of an article titled " Visitors can bring deadly TB to U.S." 23 September 2006
Photocopy of an article titled " Merrill Bullish on Vietnam" September 2006 (2 copies)
Articles dating from late 2006 to early 2007 detailing similarities in U.S. involvement in Iraq and Vietnam
Articles dating from January and February 2007 on veteran issues and similarities bweetn U.S. involvement in Iraq and Vietnam - The Dallas Morning News, USA Today, Foreign Affairs, etc.
2 copies of Article titled Memorial for dogs sought
2 copies of Article titled For Vietnam Vet, it's time to remember
4 copies of article on Cambodian temple titled Bulit by Hand and Devotion
Pamphlet for Vietnam and Cambodia Cruise
Lone Star Aero Club Announcement
2 Copies of Article titled Pig DNA sheds light on human migration
2 copies of article titled: Vets' Wall: A Place to Reflect
2 copies of article titled: Remembering a Memorial
2 copies of Article titled: Family Tradition
2 copies of article titled: How Every Smart Person Thinks?"
2 copies of article titled: 'Dialogue' undermines freedom of thought
2 copies of article titled: Iraq and Vietnam
2 copies of article titled Bin Laden Releases Video as C.I.A. Issues Warnings
2 copies of article titled : Change brings prosperity to another Asian nation
2 copies of article titled: Investor Seeks the 'Next China' in Vietnam
2 copies of article titled: IBM Sets Its Sights On Smaller Markets
2 copies of article titled: Vietnam leader defends human rights record (concerning Nguyen Minh Triet)
2 copies of article titled: Vietnamese group visits Keller
2 copies of articles collage

titles: MIA for decades, 2 Texans will get a proper burial

Remains of pilots found decades later

Airmen: Relatives get closure, feel relief knowing pilots weren't tortured
2 copies of article titled: Main Street, Vietnam: The nations wants to make the Ho Chi Minh Trail into a toursit route

braking for water buffalo
2 copies of article titled: Vietnam Wins Big Hon Hai Investment
4 copies of Kiplinger Washington Editors' justification of war in Iraq, brief comparison to Vietnam
2 copies of travel advertisements for 16-day trip to Vietnam by Archaeological Tours
2 copies of article titled: Merrill Bullish on Vietnam
2 copies of article titled: Serving with honor, by Dennis Brooks
2 copies of National Archives and Records Administration memo on Access To Archival Databases (AAD)
3 copies of Internet news release from Naval Air Systems Command titled: America's Huey visits Amerca's newest Huey
2 copies of article titled: Where once rejected, Tuskegee Airmen honored: Street on old FW base renamed for black pilots
2 copies of article titled: CIA discloses past abuses
Martin K. Gordon Vietnam-Iraq Matrix-March 2008
In Vietnam, Fast Food Acts Global, Tastes Local
West Texas Historical association Yearbook: Fort Wolters
2 copies of article titled: Engineering Jobs Become Carmakers' New Export
2 copies of article titled: Vietnams hottest Market Is Rela Estate, Not Stocks
2 copies of article titled: The Coral Triangle: Richest Marine Habitat On earth
2 copies of article titled: Top '07 Story For Anti-Bush Media Was Anything But Petraeus's Surge
2 copies of article titled: Museum Gets Hold Of Huey Enginge
American Helicopter Society Newsletter, November 1962
Article titled: Lefty College Seeks Right-Winger
2 copies of an article titled: An mpoverished nation reaches the 19th Century
AARP: The Magazine article on the year 1968
Article titled: Revolutionary Road
Bell helicopter development timeline
Article titled: Cambodia Exchange Seeks to Empower Through Education
Article titled: Rescue Dawn is Chillingy Good by Scott Bowles
Articles with various topic concerning Iraq and Vietnam, 2008
Pamphlets, advertisements, brochures, and a calendar of Zippo Lighters about the Vietnam War
New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's Memorial and Vietnam Era Educational Center brochure
Article titled: "Little Peace at Temple Surrounded by Conflict" from the Dallas Morning News (2 copies)
Two copies of newspaper articles from May 12, 2008 titled "Squadron gets its due, 40 years later" and "U.S. to honor members of squadron in 'secret war'"
2 copies of a newspaper article titled "Illegal Trade Depleting Biodiversity in Cambodia, Vietnam"
Multiple copies of clippings and photocopied periodical articles from The Dallas Morning News, and many others The Wall Street Journal, and unknown others Multiple photocopies of articles relating to Vietnam Multiple photocopies, and clippings of articles from Summer 2009 on Vietnam and Vietnam era sociocultural events.
Program outline for Air America: Upholding the Airmen's Bond Symposium
Bookmark and Pamphlet of the Air America: Upholding the Airmen's Bond Symposium
Photocopy of The Kiplinger Letter " Forecasts for Management Decisionmaking" Vol 86 No. 40
Various clippings and photocopied articles from the internet and different newspapers regarding vietnam.
United States Marine Corps Combat Art 2010 Calendar
Marine Corps Heritage Foundation letter, August 24, 2009
2 photocopies of an article from The Wall Street Journal, "The Real Afghan Lessons from Vietnam," by Lewis Sorley

and two copies of a book review for A Better War by Sorley
Photocopied exerpt from Texas Eccentrics
Photocopied articles relating Afghanistan to Vietnam, sources unknown
Book Synopsis for Lessons in Disaster
Miscellaneous Articles
Manuals on Vietnamese language instruction
Woodstock Commemorative box set, "Woodstock, 3 Days of Peace and Music," with document reproductions and booklets and decorative DVD cases (See Moving Images 402VI3014 -3016

Museum Objects 402museum3903 - 3904)
Miscellaneous Articles on modern Vietnam, and parallels between Vietnam and the Iraq War
Pamphlet from The CAT/Air America Archive
Pamphlet from The University of Texas at Dallas McDermott Library, History of Aviation Collection
Flyer from presentation " My Enemy, My Friend"
Information and letters regarding Marine Corps Heritage Foundation's Semper Fidelis Memorial Park Engrave Brick Program
Several articles concerning the Iraq war and vietnam war
Air America: Upholding the Airmen's Bond - A Symposium Acknowledging and Commemorating Air America Rescue Efforts During the Vietnam War.
Articles Discussing topics including: the Marine Corps career of James Livingston and Victor Krulak, Vietna War POW Larry Guarino, Fort Worth Vietnam Veterans, Southeast Asians in Tarrant County, Communism in Cuba, parallels between the conflict in Lybya and vietna, and the announcement of the Dale Ross stith Papers at the University of Texas at Dallas
International Historic Films Catalog
Photocopy of the synopsis of 'Shadow Warriors' television series
Photocopied newspaper article 'Politicizing Our Exit From Iraq' October 24, 2011
Photocopied newspaper article 'Cut-And-Run's Consequences' November 1, 2011
Photocopied newspaper article 'Gutting Defense and Cutting Jobs' December 16, 2011
Photocopied newspaper article 'Iran-Iraq Woe' December 16, 2011
Two photocopied newspaper articles 'So, How's That Pullout Working?' December 23, 2011
Two Photocopied newspaper articles 'Oceans So Wide, A Navy So Small' February 21, 2012
Two Photocopied newspaper articles 'The Grave Consequences Of Obama's Two Vietnams' March 2, 2012
Two Photocopied newspaper articles from the Dallas newspaper March 30, 2012
Article titled 'The Grave Consequences of Obama's Two Vietnams'
Two photocopied articles 'Vietnam vets put into spotlight'
Two photocopied articles 'Sharpshooter In Vietnam'
Two photocopied articles 'U.S., Vietnam exchange artifacts'
Two photocopied articles 'When Patriotism Means Dying'
Two photocopied articles 'That's The Way It Was': Cronkite Too Was Biased'
Two photocopied articles 'A China Offer Australia Can't Refuse?'
Two photocopied articles 'A D-Day, Vietnam Force'
Photocopied article 'Will Karzai's Cut Make NATO Run' parallels between the Vietnam War and the war in Afghanistan
The Portolan article about Vietnam's Cental Highlands
2013 calendar from the Vietnam Memorial Fund
Article and Promotional Material about the book
Article: 'Link of Jefferson to Ho is a New Low for Obama'
Article: 'Claire Chennault Soared to Win in World War II'
Article: ' On Veteran's Day Women in Vietnam Honored'
Article: 'Army Ranger Gary O'Neal Fought with Strong Spirit'
Articles about nuclear warfare and various topics concerning Vietnam and Iraq
The United States Navy Memorial 2012-2013 Calendar
Articles about the Vietnam and Iraq wars
The Dallas Morning News Sunday Reader 30 April 2000 with articles about George Herring and Return trips to Vietnam Archive
2 (Oversized)
Book World Reviews of Various books about Vietnam and other wars
Star Telegram 17 November 2000 Thousands line streets to welcome Clinton to Vietnam, Local man to be among those going to Vietnam, Among the shadows of a distant war, Vietnam's lessons: the political-military link
Dallas Morning News 7 May 2000 Confronting the past in Vietnam, Tunnels reveals guerillas once-hidden underground, Few war reminders are visible in modernized Vietnam, A trip to history, Blissful tradition
The Dallas Morning News 17 November 2000 Cheering throngs greet Clinton in Vietnam, Clinton ends Vietnam visit with push for reforms
Fort Worth Star Telegram Innovation, openness in Vietnam keys to prosperity, Clinton says
USA Today 20 November 2000 Clinton ends historic Vietnam visit
The Collegian My Lai massacre immoral, lecturer declares
Ft Worth Star Telegram 21 January 2001 Man of the people: Arlington doctor works diligently to bring Vietnamese into community's fold
The Keller Citizen Area churches to celebrate Christmas with special events
The Dallas Morning News 26 April 2001 Kerry reveals role in Vietnam deaths
Fort Worth Star Telegram The fall of Saigon 25 years later
The Dallas Morning News 30 April 2000 Vietnam's uneasy peace
The Dallas Morning News 12 February 2004 Battle joined over Vietnam
The Port Lavaca Wave Visitor's Guide: Helicopter dedicated to veterans of war (6.238.03)
Investors Business Daily 25 February 2004 Gen. Schwartzkopf stands firm
San Antonio Express News 11 April 2004 A moving memorial
USA Today 27 April 2004 Kerry defends Vietnam record
Ft. Worth Star Telegram 14 March 2004 Vietnam
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Seize the Moment: America's Challenge in a One-Superpower World by Richard Nixon, 1992(2 copies).

Six Crises by Richard Nixon, 1990.

Beyond Peace by Richard M. Nixon , 1994.

In the Arena: A Memoir of Victory, Defeat and Renewal by Richard Nixon , 1990(3 copies).

No More Vietnams by Richard Nixon , 1985.

RN: The Memoirs of Richard Nixon by Richard Nixon , 1990.

Setting the Course: The First Year - Major Policy Statements by President Richard Nixon , 1970.

Search and Destroy: The Story of an Armored Cavalry Squadron in Viet Nam 1/1 Cav, 1967 1968 by Keith W. Nolan2010.

Ripcord: Screaming Eagles Under Siege, Vietnam 1970 by Keith W. Nolan,.

One More Mission: Oliver North Returns to Vietnam by Oliver L. North and David Roth , 1993.

Lonely Girls with Burning Eyes: A Wife Recalls Her Husband's Journey Home from Vietnam by Marian Faye Novak , 1991.

Johnny, We Hardley Knew Ye: Memories of John Fitzgerald Kennedy by Kennth P. O Donnell and David F. Powers with Joe McCarthy , 1972.

Tet! The Turning Point in the Vietnam War by Don Oberdorfer,.

Going After Cacciato by Tim O'Brien , 1999.

If I Die in a Combat Zone: Box Me Up and Ship Me Home by Tim O'Brien , 1973 & 1975 (2 copies).

Too Good to be Forgotten: Changing America in the 60's and 70's byDavidObst, 1998.

Triangle of Death: The Shocking Truth About the Role of South Vietnam and the French Mafia in the Assassination of JFK by Brad O'Leary and L. E. Seymour , 2003.

In Country: The illustrated encyclopedia of the Vietnam War, edited by James S. Olson , 2008.

Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Againt John Kerry by John E. O'Neill and Jerome R. Corsi,.

Another Vietnam: Pictures of the War from the Other Side by Tim Page,.

Tim Page's Nam Tim Page, 1983.

The 25-Year War: America's Military Role in Vietnam by General Bruce Palmer, Jr. , (2 copies).

Shrapnel in the Heart: Letters and Remembrances from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Laura Palmer , (2 copies).

12, 20 and 5: A Doctor's Year in Vietnam by John A. Parrish , 1972.

The Eve of Destruction: How 1965 Transformed America by James T. Patterson2012.

Reckless Disregard: How Liberal Democrats Undercut Our Military, Endanger Our Soldiers, and Jeopardize Our Security by Lt. Col. Robert Patterson,.

The Thirty Years War: The Politics of the Sixties Generation by Thomas W. Pauken , 1995.

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Why Vietnam Matters: an Eyewitness Account of Lessons not Learned by Rufus Philips, , 2008.

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Vietnam: The Decisive Battles by John Pimlott,.

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SOG: The Secret Wars of America's Commandos in Vietnam by John L. Plaster , 1997(2 copies).

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A Short History Of Cambodia by Francois Ponchaud, 2007.

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Love and Duty by Ben and Anne Purcell , 2006(Signed by Author).

Lost Over Laos by Richard Pyle and Horst Faas,.

The Sense of the 60's by Edward Quinnand Paul J. Dolan, 1968.

The Sense of The 60's, edited by Edward Quinn and Paul J. Dolan , 1968.

Bucher: My Story by Lloyd Bucher with Mark Rascovich , 1970.

At the Wall: Artifacts from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection, edited by Walton Rawls,.

Kontum Diary: Captured Writings Bring Peace to a Vietnam Veteran byPaulReedand Ted Schwarz, 1996.

H-53 Sea Stallion in Action by C.M. Reed , 2000.

President Nixon: Alone In The White House by Richard Reeves, 2001.

President Nixon: Alone in the White House by Richard Reeves , 2001.

Rockets Like Rain: A Year in Vietnam by Dale E. Reich , 2001.

Before Mao: The Untold Story of Li Lisan and the Creation of Communist China by Patrick Lescot and translated by Steven Rendall , 2004.

The Lone Star: The Life of John Connally by James Reston, Jr. , 1989.

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The Vietnam War Experience by Gerry and Janet Souter , 2007.

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First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers by Loung Ung , 2000.

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The Vietnam War by Douglas Welsh , 1982.

David's Story: A Casualty of Vietnam by Victor Westphall , (signed by author).

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Grab Their Belts to Fight Them: The Viet Cong s Big-UnitWar Against the U.S. 1965 1966 by Warren Wilkins2011.

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Crash and burn: The Survival Story of a Fight Pilot by JackEdward Wright , 2003(signed by the author).

The Epic of Flight Series by Warren R. Young,.

Hero Mama: A Daughter Remembers The Father She Lost In Vietnam--And The Mother Who Held Her Family Together Karen Spears Zacharias, 2005.

Snake Pilot: Flying the Cobra Attack Helicopter in Vietnam by Randy R. Zahn,.

Battle Ready by Tom Clancy with General Tony Zinni (Ret.) and Tony Koltz , 2004.

Blackhorse: The History of the 11th U.S. Cavalry, 1901-1961.

Booklet: Air War Over North Vietnam , 1998.

Booklet: Armor In Vietnam: A Pictorial History.

Booklet: Bent and Battered Rotors , 1993.

Booklet: Ground War Vietnam Volume 1 1945-1965 , (2 copies).

Booklet: Gunslingers in Action , 1974 (2 copies).

Booklet: VNAF South Vietnamese Air Force 1945-1975.

Inside the Oval Office: The White House Tapes from FDR to Clinton , 2002.

National Museum of American History Exhibit Guide - The Price of Freedom: Americans At War.

The Central Intelligence Agency: A Photographic History , 1986.

The Chinese Armed Forces Today: The US Defense Intelligence Agency Handbook of China's Army, Navy, and Air Force, 1979.

The Helicopters.

The Sixties Chronicle.

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Veterans and Agent Orange - Update 2002.

Webster's New World Dictionary of the Vietnam War.

World Wildlife Fund Focus Volume 18, Number 6. November/December 1996.
VA048160 - VA048161: 2 Oversized Photographs of Bell Helicopters.

VA045274 - VA045288: 15 photographs of Maya Lin (designer of the Vietnam Memorial Wall) at the dedication of the first of seven Confluence project sites at Cape Disappointment State Park, Ilwaco, Washington 18 November 2005.

VA011788 - VA012099, VA012200 - VA012270, VA025070-VA025078 (Memory of South Vietnam photo album).

Memory of South Vietnam photo album (5).
VAS008449 - VAS008453.
George Herring "Vietnam the war that never seems to go away" (Section 12, drawer 18).

University of Texas Arlington "A piece of my heart" with program (Section 12, drawer 18).

Retrofest Celebrating the 1960s (Section 12, drawer 18).

Big League Theatricals presents Boublil & Schonberg's Miss Saigon (Section 12, drawer 18).

Bell Helicopter: Changing the Way the World Flies (Section 12 Drawer 16).

Third Squadron Fourth Cavalry: Seek and Find Scouts Out! (Section 12 Drawer 16).

Bell Helicopter in a Forest (Section 12 Drawer 16).

Rotor and Wing International: Helicopter Recognition Chart (Section 12 Drawer 16).

Vision to Reality (Section 12 Drawer 16).

Western Civilization: Fort Worth, Texas USA (2 copies)(Section 12 Drawer 16).

Looj Ceeb/Long Cheng Laos 1970 - 2009 (Drawer 4. Section 12).
Museum Objects
Framed Cobra Logo HMA-169.

402museum2437: Bell Helicopter OH-58D Kiowa Warrior 1 Million Flight Hours Patch.

402museum2438: Bell Helicopter OH-58D Kiowa Warrior 1 Million Flight Hours Decal.

402museum3612: Metal Tunnel Rat Sign.

402museum3613: POW/MIA Flag.

402museum3903: Woodstock Suede DVD Box (See Box 4, Folder 32.

Moving Images, 402VI3014 - 3016).

402museum3904: Woodstock Hologram Display (See Box 4, Folder 32.

Moving Images, 402VI3014 - 3016).
Electronic Media
402EM272: Vietnam: The Destination for Foreign Investment.

402EM0551: The Companion DVD-ROM to the publication: 'Air America Upholding the Airmen's Bond. It includes photos documents, and moving images.

402EM273: A Guide for Business and Investment in Vietnam.

402EM0325: Wings, Wheels and Anchors: United States Helicopters in Vietnam.
Moving Images
402VI2316: DVD: The '60s Rock Experience Live.



402VI2144: Air America: Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.

Air America: The CIA's Secret Airline - History Channel videotape.

402VI2272: The American Experience: LBJ.

402VI1740:DVD Archives of War Volume 3, Korea and Vietnam.

402VI2738: DVD: Battle Hell Vietnam.

402VI3204- DVD Battle Hell Vietnam, 2007.

402VI1799:The Beatles: A Celebration.

402VI1798: Beatles Diary.

402VI1718: Berkeley in the Sixties.

402VI2708: DVD: Betty Ford: The Real Deal.

402VI1937: The Big Chill (VHS).

402VI1936: Bloodsport (VHS).

402VI2162: Bob Hope: The Vietnam Years, Volume 1: 1964-1966.

402VI2163: Bob Hope: The Vietnam Years, Volume 2: 1967-1969.

402VI2164: Bob Hope: The Vietnam Years, Volume 3: 1970-1972.

A Bright Shining Lie (DVD).

402VI2548 VHS - BAT 21.

Battle Stations: Huey Helicopter, Air Armada.

402VI1719: DVD Brothers in Arms.

BT-1287: Birth of the Bell Helicopter.

402VI2709: DVD: Century of Warfare.

Coming Home - DVD.

402VI2930: VHS: Battlefield Vietnam: Countdown to Tet.


402VI1916: Da Nang AB.

Daughter from Danang.

Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam.

402VI2546 DVD - NBC News Presents "Deep Throat: The Full Story of Watergate".

Deer Hunter - DVD.

402VI1953: VHS tape - Dewey Canyon.

402VI1934: Distant Thunder (VHS).

402VI1745: Escape Stories: Amazing Tales of Wartime Escapes (DVD).

402VI1725: DVD Fahrenheit 9/11.

402VI1726: DVD Fahrenhype 9/11.

402VI1800: The Fall of Saigon.

402VI1954: VHS tape - Farewell Ceremony for Gen. Westmoreland.

402VI 1735: Firehawk.

402VI1935: Flatliners (VHS).

402VI1949: VHS tape - Flight of the Intruder.

402VI1574: The Fog of War (DVD).

402VI2741: DVD: Frost Nixon.

Full Metal Jacket (DVD).

402VI1741: Gardens of Stone (VHS).

402VI1950: VHS tape - Gardens of Stone.

402VI1742: Gardens of Stone (DVD) (2-sided disc).

402VI2146: Go Tell The Spartans.

402VI1724: VHS Good Morning Vietnam.

402VI1938: Good Morning, Vietnam (VHS).

402VI1948: VHS tape - Good Morning Vietnam.

The Green Berets (DVD).

402VI1743: Green Dragon (VHS).

402VI1744: Green Dragon (DVD).

Hair - DVD.

Hamburger Hill (DVD).

402VI1686: DVD Hearts & Minds.

402VI1736: Heated Vengeance.

402VI2618-VHS- Hell Along the Mekong: The Small Boat Navy in Vietnam.

402VI1955: VHS tape - Hook, Line & Helo: Training at Pensacola, Fla.

402VI1951: DVD - Huey Helicopter.

402VI1802: In the Shadow of the Blade.

402VI1720: DVD Kerry Iraq Documentary.

The Killing Fields (DVD).

402VI1739:The Last Hunter.

402VI2000: DVD Marine Aviaiton in Vietnam.

402VI1728: DVD Navy Seals: America's Secret Warriors.

402VI2165: Navy Seals: BUDS Class 234, Part 1 and 2.

402VI2166: Navy Seals: BUDS Class 234, Part 3 and 4.

402VI2167: Navy Seals: BUDS Class 234, Part 5 and 6.

402VI2710: DVD: Navy Seals The Untold Stories: Covert Operations.

402VI1956: VHS tape - 9th Cavalry, Bon Song.

402VI1698: Path to War.

402VI2742: DVD: Path to War.

402VI2283: DVD: Patriot Act.

Platoon (Special Edition DVD).

402VI2547 DVD - "Platoon" 20th Anniversary Edition.

402VI1721: DVD Power and Terror: Noam Chomsky in our Times.


The Personal Experiences: Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam - History Channel Videotape.

402VI1915: The Quiet American.

402VI1997: DVD set "Rambo Trilogy".

Return with Honor.

402VI2931: VHS: Battlefield Vietnam: Search and Destroy.

402VI2932: VHS: Battlefield Vietnam: Showdown in the Iron Triangle.

402VI1957: VHS tape - Stars and Stripes and Armed Forces Radio & TV.

402VI1722: DVD Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal.

402VI2933: DVD: Suicide Missions: Tunnel Rats.

402VI1998: VHS Taxi Driver.

402VI2934: VHS: Battlefield Vietnam: The Tet Offensive.

402VI2280: DVD: Texas Christian University Schieffer School of Journalism two DVD set.

402VI3114A-I: DVD, 9-disc set: That Was Nam, The Collection.

402VI1727 and 402VI1913: VHS Thunder over Vietnam: The 25 Hour Day, Tactical Air Power and U.S. Air Forces in Vietnam produced by Historic Aviation.

402VI2711: DVD: Truman.

402VI1723: DVD The Trials of Henry Kissinger.

DVD: Tunnel Rats.

21 Days to Baghdad: The Inside Story of the Military Campaign to Topple Saddam Hussein.

402VI1914: The Ugly American.

402VI2145: Under Heavy Fire.

402VI1999: VHS Universal Soldier.

402VI3115: DVD: Viet Cong.

402VI2743 A-F: 6 Disc DVD set: Vietnam: A Retrospective.

402VI2562: (copy 1) Vietnam - America's Conflict, 2008.

402VI2620A a-d (copy 2) - Vietnam: America's Conflict, 2008.

402VI2620B a-d (duplicate of copy 2) DVD: 4 Disc Set: Vietnam: America's Conflict, 2009.

402VI1801: Vietnam: Stories from the Wall.

Vietnam's Unseen War: Pictures from the Other Side.

402VI1958: VHS tape - Vietnam: Vung Tau.

402VI3203- DVD The Vietnam War(volume I &II) 2007.

402VI1952: DVD - Voices from the Wall.

402VI1679: The War at Home.

402VI2026: DVD-Watergate Plus 30: Shadow of History.

402VI3116: DVD: Young Blood: Rebellion, Riots, and Rock 'N Roll in the Sixties.

402VI2038: Noam Chomsky: Rebel Without A Pause.

402VI2039: The Sixties: The Years That Shaped A Generation-DVD.

402VI2042: DVD-Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision.

402VI2041: DVD-Regret to Inform.

402VI2078: Two Days in October.

402VI2079: The Atomic Cafe.

402VI2080: Don't Look Back.

402VI2081: The Weather Underground.

402VI2331: Air America: The CIA's Secret Airline (The History Channel) - VHS.

402VI2332: Weapons at War: Attack Helicopters (The History Channel) - VHS.

402VI2333: The Personal Experience: Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam (The History Channel) - VHS.

402VI2389: Pround to Serve (DVD).

402VI2393: 1969 (VHS).

402VI2475: The Walking Dead.

402VI2476: Suicide Missions: Forward Air Controllers.

402VI2508: Weapons At War: Air War in Vietnam.

402VI2512: The War At Home.

402VI2513: Rescue Dawn.

402VI2514: Vietnam War with Walter Cronkite.

402VI2578: DVD from the History Channel titled, "The War Memorials".

402VI2607 - Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal.

402VI2608 - Vietnam: America's Conflict.

402VI2610-DVD - Hair, Let the Sun Shine In.

402VI3014: DVD: Woodstock, 3 Days of Peace and Music, The Director's Cut, Movie Disc One (see Box 4, Folder 32.

museum objects 402museum3903 - 3904).

402VI3015: DVD: Woodstock, 3 Days of Peace and Music, The Director's Cut, Movie Disc Two (see Box 4, Folder 32.

museum objects 402museum3903 - 3904).

402VI3016: DVD: Woodstock, 3 Days of Peace and Music, The Director's Cut, Extras (see Box 4, Folder 32.

museum objects 402museum3903 - 3904).

402VI3192- 2 copies Vietnam: Shadow Warriors 4 part documentary series.


DVD 2 Copies.

Vietnam: Shadow Warriors 4 part documentary series, 2011.

402VI3351 Vietnam War Stories.

402VI3397 DVD China Beach season 3.

402VI3398 DVD Secrets of War: Vietnam A War Unwanted.

402VI3399 'Vietnam' Air Sea Rescue by Neal Lewis presentation to Lone Star Aero Club 8/7/2014.
Dominick Cirincone Vietnam Radio recordings 1970-1972 (VA 92).

Dominick Cirincone Vietnam Radio recordings R&R, advertisements, The best of FM Radio (VA 93).

Dominick Cirincone Vietnam Radio recordings R&R spots and advertisements (VA 94).

In Retrospect by Robert McNamara on 4 audio cassettes.

402VI24731: 8 Cassettes - In Their Own Words: Vietnam.
Around Bell: Bell Helicopter News, February 27, 2004.

Bell Helicopter News, April 1, 1994.

Earthwatch Volume 9, Number 6, August 1990.

Louisiana Folk, Spring 2009 (2 copies).

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Sentinel, Winter 2010-2011.

Rotor Breeze Bell Helicopter Vol 15 No 13 July 1966 (2 copies).

Rotor Breeze Bell Helicopter Vol 47 No 5 (October 1997) (2 copies).

Southwestern Archivist Volume 23, Issue 1, February 2000.

The Nimitz News, 1st Quarter 2003.

American Helicopter Society Newsletter November 1962.

The Nimitz News, 1st Quarter 2011.

The Lone Sailor: 2013: Summer.

Reflections from the Wall: 2014: Spring, Winter.
Earthwatch Journal, May 2006.

FLM Magazine Winter 2004.

Historic Aviation: 2005: Spring.

2007: Autumn.

2014: Summer.

Historic Natchitoches, July 2009 (Oversized).

Newsweek, 16 November 2009.

Traditions Military Videos (Catalog 2003-2004).

USA Today Special Edition - JFK's America.

USA Today, Kenndy, An American Icon , A Family's Leagacy, Special Edition.

UTA Magazine Fall 2005.

Zenith Press (2005 catalog).

Squadron Catalog, 2007.

Foreign Affairs, January/February 2007.

Focus September/ October 2007 Volume 29, Number 5.

Asia Now, Issue 2 2007.

National Geographic, July 2009.

Fly By: 2012: Spring.

2013: Spring, Summer, Fall.

2014: Spring, Summer.

Sentinel - Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Fall 2011.

USA Today Special Edition November 2012.

Foundation: 2013: Spring, Fall.

Military - WWII, Korea, Viet-Nam, Cold War & Today: 2014: April.

Military Issue: 2014: Autumn.

Digitized Materials

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