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Interview with Tony Gleaton
Richard B. Varrone, PhD
Interview Date
19 August 2004
Tony Gleaton Collection
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Oral History
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(USMC) Tony Gleaton, originally from Detroit, Michigan, served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1967 until 1970. While based at Camp Hansen in Okinawa before deploying to South Vietnam, Tony volunteered to go to Khe Sanh in the middle of the siege. Upon exiting the aircraft upon landing, he was wounded by a mortar and evacuated to Japan for recovery. Once recovered, Tony went to the RVN in May 1968 and served first as the Battalion commander's radioman for 1st Battalion, 1st Marines in I Corps until July and then as a ground Forward Air Controller attached to Alpha Company, 1/4 Marines, until November 1968 when he left Vietnam. Today, Tony is a world renowned photographer whose books and exhibits have helped expose the world of the minority peoples of the western United States and the people of Mexico and Central and South America.
Interview with Tony Gleaton,  19 August 2004, Tony Gleaton Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University. Accessed 27 Nov. 2015. <>.
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OH0377, Tony Gleaton Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University
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