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The following is a list of collections added to the Vietnam Archive in the past month. To search all of the Vietnam Archive's collections, go to the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

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Dale W. Andrade Collection
Approximately 21 linear feet of military documents, journal articles, news clippings, interview transcripts, correspondence, photographs, maps, and audio records used by Dale Andrade to research his books 'Spies and Commandos: How America Lost the Secret War in North Vietnam', 'America's Last Vietnam Battle: Halting Hanoi's 1972 Easter Offensive' and 'Ashes to Ashes: The Phoenix Program and the Vietnam War'. These materials cover four main subjects: MACV-SOG operations, the 1972 Easter Offensive, the Phoenix program and NAVY special operations like the Seal Team, Underwater Demolition Teams (UTDs), and frogmen. Materials of note are MACV-SOG command histories 1964 - 1970, end of tour and monthly reports for various advisory teams, transcripts of interviews with battle participants from the 1972 Easter Offensive, After Action Reports for numerous battles, materials on the history of the Navy SEALS dating back to World War II, and training materials, reports and analysis of the Phoenix Program. 24990000000

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James McKenzie Collection
Three copies of a Safe Return Christmas card donated by James McKenzie. The card calls for the safe return of all war resisters underground or in prison for the 1974 holiday season. 26260000000

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Edward H. Willer Collection
One CD-ROM containing a copy of Edward Willer's memoir titled I Was Shotgun One Three. The memoir covers Willer's service with the 221st Reconnaissance Airplane Company from July 1965 through July 1966. 26250000000

See the Finding Aid: Edward H. Willer Collection
Michael J. Warner Collection
One copy of the unit history for the Amphibious Ready Group/Special Landing Forces 76.5 Surgical Team Bravo from 1966 through 1967 donated by Michael J. Warner. The report includes information about the history of the team, how it was created, and how they set up their operating rooms and medical facilities. It also includes statistical information about medical procedures performed by the unit, memos about proposed treatment methods for specific wounds, a floor plan of one of the hospital ships, and lists of supplies used by the team. 26230000000

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