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Wm. Dennis Matheson Collection
A copy of the play 'Wild Hearts' and a book titled 'The Navy in Vietnam' written by Dennis Matheson. 25630000000

See the Finding Aid: Wm. Dennis Matheson Collection
Michael Nelson Shahan Collection
Michael Nelson Shahan joined the Marine Corps in 1966 and served in Vietnam with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division from January 1967 - February 1968. Among other duties during his Marine career, he also commanded the Marine Detachment aboard the USS JOHN F. KENNEDY. He retired from the Marine Corps in 1986 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Shahan passed away on 1 October 2008.

Two copies of Michael Nelson Shahan's book 'Suddenly the Silence was Broken' documents his service in Vietnam as a Second Lieutenant with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division from January 1967-February 1968. 24190000000

Tran Van Dat Collection
Two copies of a book written by Tran Van Dat titled 'Lich Su Trong Lua Viet Nam' by Tran Van Dat. 24250000000

See the Finding Aid: Tran Van Dat Collection
William L. McCarron Collection
William McCarron was born in Kelty, Fife, Scotland in 1940. He volunteered for the US Army in March 1964 and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in December of that year. He served a total of 24.5 years in the Army, with two tours in Vietnam. From March 1966 to March 1967 he served with Company B, 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, and from November 1969 to November 1970 with Advisory Team 72, Vinh Binh Province, IV Corps Tactical Zone. As a 2nd Lieutenant, he commanded an infantry rifle platoon in combat. As a 1st Lieutenant, he served as Executive Officer (XO) in a combat rifle company as well as acting company commander when needed. As Captain, he served as Province Senior Phoenix Coordinator and Assistant Province Phoenix Coordinator. During his tours, he was stationed in An Khe, Binh Dinh Province, and Tra Va, Vinh Binh Province. He received the following awards and citations for his service in Vietnam: Silver Star, Purple Heart,

Article with battle maps titled 'The Battle of Crazy Horse - Recollections' written by William L. McCarron. 25440000000

See the Finding Aid: William L. McCarron Collection
Robert Knott Collection
Book titled 'Air Power and the Ground War in Vietnam: Ideas and Actions' by Dinald J. Mrozek. 23650000000

See the Finding Aid: Robert Knott Collection
Ralph Bateman Collection
Ralph Bateman was born at Saint Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland in 1947. He was drafted into the US Army in 1969. Bateman was assigned to the Americal (23rd Infantry) Division, 11th Light Infantry Brigade, then the 4th Battalion of the 21st Infantry Regiment, where he served in the 1st Platoon of Delta Company. He was stationed primarily in Southern I Corps near LZ Debbie and south of Duc Pho. Bateman was involved in the Pacification of the hamlet of My Trang under Operation Iron Mountain. He received a Purple Heart, Commendation Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and a Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with palm, among other citations. After his discharge from the Army in 1971, Bateman went on to receive a college degree. He worked for AT&T and IBM as a programmer for over 25 years. Bateman divorced in the 1980s and raised two children as a single parent.

Less than a quarter of a linear foot of military documents, a service program, a military payment certificate, and other types of personal documents donated by Ralph Bateman. The personal documents include typed transcripts of the letters he sent his parents during his time in Vietnam as well as stories he wrote about his experiences during his service. The letters date from August 1969 to July 1970. Military documents include Daily Staff Journals for the 4th Battalion 21st Infantry intermittently from September 6, 1969 through July 2, 1970, Battalion After Action Reports for August 1969 through July 1970, and G2 summaries. The service program is from the 11th Infantry Brigade Chapel in Duc Pho from September 28, 1969. 25480000000

See the Finding Aid: Ralph Bateman Collection
W. Alan Fabry Collection
Two letters written by Lt W. Alan Fabry during his service in Vietnam with the 40th Signal Battalion in 1970. The letters were donated by Ellen B. Stern who was Fabry's co-worker before he served in the war and was the original recipient of the letters. 25200000000

See the Finding Aid: W. Alan Fabry Collection
Rona Adams Collection
Two pairs of U.S. Army combat boots issued to Rona Adams during basic training in 1967 and one operating room supervisor desk sign for her service in the 8th Field Hospital, 1967. 24440000000

See the Finding Aid: Rona Adams Collection
Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS) Collection
Paper published by the Institute for Defense Analyses titled 'Provincial Reconstruction Team Training and Lessons Learned from Civil Operations and Rural Develpoment Support (CORDS) in Vietnam.' 23670000000