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Interview with Phong Xuan Nguyen
Richard B. Verrone, PhD
Interview Date
25 September 2002
The Phong Xuan Nguyen Collection
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Oral History
20:52:15 min/sec
(RVN) Phong Xuan Nguyen, originally from the village of Bac Tri in southern Vietnam, served in a variety of posts in the government of the Republic of Vietnam. Born in 1936, Phong was educated at the Lycee Chasseloup Laubat in Saigon, the Lycee Michelet in Paris, the University of London, and Oxford University. Upon graduation from Oxford in 1960, he returned to Saigon to work for Esso, an affiliate of Standard Oil New Jersey, as an executive in charge of industrial relations. He joined the South Vietnamese government in 1965, at age 29, as Minister of Labor (1965-66). He subsequently served as Minister (Chief of Staff) at the Prime Minister's Office (1966), as Minister of Welfare (1966-68), and as the first Chieu Hoi Minister (1967-68). In 1968, he was named Deputy Leader of the RVN's delegation to the Paris Peace Talks. He later became Minister-in-State in Charge of Negotiations in Paris and then Head of the RVN at the Conference between the Two South Vietnamese Parties at Celle Saint Cloud. Phong returned to Saigon in April of 1975. After the fall of the RVN to the North Vietnamese, he was sent for "reeducation" in May 1975. He spent nearly five years in prison outside of Hanoi in Camp A15 before being released in January 1980. Afterwards, he worked in Ho Chi Minh City as a private businessman.
Interview with Phong Xuan Nguyen,  25 September 2002, The Phong Xuan Nguyen Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University. Accessed 27 Nov. 2015. <>.
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OH0250, The Phong Xuan Nguyen Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University
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