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This is YRBM-16 at Nha Be. You're on the southern end of the base and you can see a few things in the way we were outfitting her. Along the side between her and the dock, you'll see the pontoon where a wooden building was going up. This was to be the Delta Queen, our entertainment center and beer barge. You'll see more of her in a minute. Close to you on the right is an M-60 machine gun, and the veterans here will notice the little green C-ration can riveted to the side of the gun. This allowed one man to shoot the gun and the ammo to feed upward over the radius of the can rather than riding straight up and taking a 90 degree bend, which usually jammed the gun. Further forward under that white cover is a 50-caliber machine gun. We had about twenty of these at various points to defend ourselves. The white fabric over the gun was called Herculon. It had just come out in '68. It had to be stitched with a special sewing machine and great big needles, but this was the toughest thing we'd ever seen in our whole lives. Nowadays, you can buy sofas and chairs covered with this stuff, but in summer of '68, this was a feather in the supply departments cap for having magically obtained all this Herculean.
Slide VAS022645,  No Date, Edwin L. Oswald Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University. Accessed 7 Oct. 2015. <>.
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VAS022645, Edwin L. Oswald Collection, The Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University
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