1996 Vietnam Symposium

"After the Cold War: Reassessing Vietnam"

18-20 April 1996
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Thursday, 18 April 1996

8:15am Administrative Announcements & Opening Remarks:
James R. Reckner, Director, Center for the Study of the VietnamConflict

8:30am Opening Address:
Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., Chairman, Vietnam Center NationalCouncil

9:00am Session 1: International Relationships
Chair/Commentator: Spencer Tucker, Texas Christian University

10:45am Session 2: Reassessing American Involvement
Chair/Commentator: James Harper, Texas Tech University

12:30pm Lunch. Speaker: Major General Vang Pao

2:00pm Session 3: After the Cold War: Reassessing Vietnam,Roundtable Discussion
Hon. William E. Colby, Hon. Walt Rostow, Hon. Bui Diem, Dr. George Herring

3:45pm Session 4: Panel on Laos
Chair/Commentator: Ambassador Stephen Lyne, Boston University

9:00pm Keynote Address:

Friday, 19 April 1996

8:30am Session 5A: Of POWs and MIAs
Chair/Commentator: Sedgwick D. Tourison, Independent Scholar andAuthor

8:30am Session 5B: "Domestic Legacies of the Vietnam War"
Chair: H.W. Brands, Texas A&M University

8:30am Session 5C: The Navy in Vietnam
Chair/Commentator: Edward J. Marolda, Navy Historical Center

10:15am Session 6A: The White House and the War
Chair/Commentator: TBA

10:15am Session 6B: Soldiering and Surviving: Behavioral Aspectsof War
Chair: Felix Moos, University of Kansas

10:15am Session 6C: Panel on Teaching Vietnam
Chair: Joe P. Dunn, Converse College

10:15am Session 6D: New Feminist and African American Scholarshipon the War and Its Aftermath
Chair: Kali Tal, Vietnam Generation

11:45am Lunch. Speaker: Douglas Pike, "Recent Developmentsin Vietnam"

1:15pm Session 7A: Armed Forces Reassessments
Chair/Commentator: LTC James Willbanks, U.S. Army Command &General Staff College

1:15pm Session 7B "Reassessing Patterns of Remembrancein Vietnam War Memorials"
Chair:William Head, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, RobinsAFB

1:15pm Session 7C: "The Veterans' Continuing War: Stereotypesand Reality"
Chair/Commentator: John N. Frary, Middlesex (NJ) County College

1:15pm Session 7D: Education in Vietnam
Chair/Commentator: Thomas J. Dombrowsky, Gettysburg College

3:00pm Session 8A: The War in the Villages
Chair/Commentator: Don Walker, Texas Tech University

3:00pm Session 8B: Vietnam Film and Fiction
Chair: Marc Leepson, Arts Editor, VVA Veteran

3:00pm Session 8C: Vietnamese Memorials and Remembrance
Chair/Commentator: Patricia Pelley, Texas Tech University

3:00pm Session 8D: A Vietnam Miscellany
Chair/Commentator: Gary J. Bjorge, Army Command and General Staff College

3:00pm Session 8E: More on POWs
Chair/Commentator: Hugh Boyle, Brown University

8:00pm Films from the Tulane University Conference markingthe 25th Anniversary of My Lai

8:00pm Vietnam Poetry Reading

8:00pm Special Panel on Laos
Moderator: Jane Hamilton-Merritt

Saturday, 20 April

8:30am Session 9A: Air Force Reassessments
Chair/Commentator: Capt. Larry Martin, U.S. Air Force Academy

8:30am Session 9B: Other Nations' Involvement in South Vietnam
Chair/Commentator: Gary M. Bell, Texas Tech University

8:30am Session 9C: Political and Economic Legacies of the VietnamWar in Comparative Perspective
Chair:Randy Bush, Gustavus Adolphus College

8:30am Session 9D: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Chair/Commentator: TBA

8:30am Session 9E: More Vietnam Miscellany
Chair/Commentator: Major Ralph Millsap, USAF, Air Command and Staff College

10:30am Session 10: Panel Discussion
Admiral Zumwalt, General Giap [tentative], + Senior Army officer

12:00pm: Lunch,

2:00pm Session 11A: Panel on Veterans' Issues
Chair: James R. Reckner, Texas Tech University

2:00pm Session11B:The Media and the Vietnam Experience
Chair/Commentator: Chester Pach, Ohio University

2:00pm Session 11C: The Antiwar Movement
Chair/Commentator: TBA

2:00pm Session 11D:Vietnam and China
Chair/Commentator: Xiaoming Zhang, Texas Tech University

3:45pm Final Comments and Closing of Symposium
James Reckner, Director, Center for the Study of the Vietnam Conflict

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