Ways to Follow the Vietnam Center and Archive

Our hanger, Binh Thuy: Jack L. Coan Collection [VA049626]
Our hanger, Binh Thuy
(Jack L. Coan Collection [VA049626])

There are a number of ways to stay connected and up-to-date with the Vietnam Center and Archive. You can receive email notifications through our listserv, read about us on our news and updates page, or interact with us and hundreds of other supporters through our Facebook page. We also have a newsletter with in-depth stories related to our project. For our researchers, there is a New Additions Feed which allows users to discover the newest items added to our Virtual Vietnam Archive. With so many options, it’s easy to stay connected with us.

Friends of the Vietnam Center Newsletter

The Friends of the Vietnam Center newsletter is a high quality, full color, award winning newsletter that provides news and updates about the Vietnam Center and Archive. Articles include exclusive in-depth interviews with collection donors and archive staff, information about our conferences and symposia, details about our diverse materials and how they are being used, updates on every aspect of our project, and much more.

Email Listserv

Whenever something exciting or interesting happens in the Vietnam Center and Archive, we always want to share it with our friends. Usually we have to wait until our next newsletter, but sometimes the information is time sensitive or the projected release of the next newsletter is just too far into the future. To facilitate more rapid dissemination of news and information about the project, we have created a Vietnam Project Email Information System. This is a one-way email list service that will allow us to send you occasional email notices about happenings in the project. This will not replace the quarterly Newsletter but will be a supplement to it.

When you sign-up for the listserv, you will create a personalized login with a password and will be able to change your email address or remove yourself from the email service at your convenience. As with all personal contact information, we will keep your email address confidential and will not release it to any other parties. Lastly, signing up for these email notices will not expose you to messages from other subscribers, as only we can send messages out to you, your email address will not be disclosed, and recipients will not be able to distribute messages through the "reply" functions of their email programs.

Joining the Listserv

To join our mailing list, you must have an active email account. Send an email to . Do not include anything on the subject line or in the the body of the message. You will then receive an email from the list asking you to confirm that you are joining. Simply reply to the message, and the joining process is complete.

In your confirmation email, there may be a link asking you to change or update your password. This is not required, but if you do so, after changing your password, you may be automatically redirected to a "eRaider Login" page. Please disregard this page.

You will receive messages from the project periodically. These messages will state they are from either "Subjects and issues related to the Vietnam Center and Project at TTU" or from "Vietnam Archive" Please note that it is not possible for members to post messages to this list. We have set up this list to provide information about our project to our friends. Many other options are available for those interested in discussing topics relating to Vietnam or the Vietnam War, none of which are endorsed by the Vietnam Center and Archive, its staff, or Texas Tech University.

To unsubscribe from the list, send a blank email message to the address listed at the bottom of every message you receive from us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at vnca@ttu.edu or 806-742-9010.

Calendar of Events

Republic of Vietnam... Adm. Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., Chief of Naval Operations, inspects a Vietnamese Inshore Patrol Craft (PFC) at the An Thoi Naval Base. With him is the bases senior US naval Advisor, CDR. Maurice J. Shine: Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. Collection [VA016621]
Republic of Vietnam... Adm. Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., Chief of Naval Operations, inspects a Vietnamese Inshore Patrol Craft (PFC) at the An Thoi Naval Base. With him is the bases senior US naval Advisor, CDR. Maurice J. Shine
(Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. Collection [VA016621])

Keep up with upcoming events, including closures of the Vietnam Center and Archive, through on online Calendar of Events. Events are added often and include links to more information when available.

News and Updates

The Vietnam Center and Archive News and Updates page covers a variety of topics, and will be updated often by members of the Vietnam Center and Archive staff. Topics include: Updates concerning the Virtual Vietnam Archive and the physical archive, information about the Oral History Program, interesting items from our holdings, website updates, staff accomplishments, notices about events, and reference resources and outreach. The News and Updates page is our primary source to keep people informed about the progress of the Vietnam Center and Archive, as well as to provide a valuable research tool.

Vietnam Center and Archive News and Updates are also available as a RSS Feed.

The VNCA on Facebook

The Vietnam Center and Archive is now on Facebook. Become a fan and keep up with the latest happenings at the Center and Archive, find out about upcoming events, see pictures from past events, make comments, and connect with hundreds of other Vietnam Center and Archive supporters.

To become a fan, you first need to have your own Facebook page. Then go to the Vietnam Center and Archive Facebook page and click "Become a Fan" located near the top of the page.

The VNCA on Twitter

Keep up with Vietnam Center and Archive news and updates through Twitter. This feed includes the news and updates provided through our other resources, as well as time specific tweets regarding happenings at the Center and Archive and with the Virtual Vietnam Archive.

To follow the VNCA on twitter, you first need to have your own Twitter account. Then go to the Vietnam Center Twitter Page and click "Follow."

iTunes University

In conjunction with Texas Tech University, the Vietnam Center and Archive has made select items from our holdings available through the Apple iTunes University Texas Tech store. The items include archival audio and film footage, videos from some of our conferences and symposia, and oral history interviews. These items can be downloaded through iTunes University for playback on your compatible device. (please note that all items available through the Vietnam Archive's iTunes University page are also available in the Virtual Vietnam Archive).


In order to expose our vast collection of moving images concerning the Vietnam War to a larger audience, selected historical films are being added to the Vietnam Center and Archive's YouTube Channel.

Virtual Vietnam Archive New Additions Feed

To assist frequent users of our site with staying on top of new additions to the Virtual Vietnam Archive, as well as updated items, a RSS feed of new and updated records has been created. This feed will update automatically at 5:00am (-0600 GMT) Tuesday-Saturday and will list items added to the Virtual Vietnam Archive the day before. Additionally, any existing records that have been updated, such as collection Finding Aids, Oral Histories, or Audio or Moving Image records, will be listed as well. Each RSS item listing will include the title of the item, some basic information about the item, and a link to a more complete record for the item, including links to the digitized version for non-copyrighted materials. Please note that the RSS feed does not include a direct link to download the item, just a link to a page where you can download the item, if available.

Using this feed will allow users to view new and updated records without having to go through the Virtual Vietnam Archive search engine.

What is RSS

RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, was developed as a quick way for users to quickly receive web content in a simple, automatic format. RSS is an XML based format, and can be accessed through a variety of "readers."

How do I access RSS?

There are a wide variety of RSS readers, or Aggregators, available. Many newer browsers, such as Opera 9 or Internet Explorer 7, have built in aggregators, and there are a number of free readers that can be downloaded. These aggregators will automatically download and display RSS feeds for you. Often, the download will occur in the background so when you want to view the items, they are already available.

When you first access the Virtual Vietnam Archive New Additions Feed or the News and Updates Feed using your stand-alone reader or reader equipped browser, it will ask if you want to "subscribe" to the feed. If you choose yes, the feed will automatically be updated on your computer every day. If you choose no, or if you do not have a reader, you can still view the page, and bookmark it as you would any web page.

More information about using RSS feeds can be found in your reader's or browsers documentation, or through a web search.

RSS feeds can also be used in other ways, such as an iGoogle widget, or can be displayed on other webpages. A web search of RSS will provide more information on the uses of RSS feeds.

More Information or Technical Assistance

For more information about any of the resources listed on this page or about our project, please feel free to contact us at any time. For technical assistance please email vnca@ttu.edu, or call 806-742-9010.