Intelligence in the Vietnam War

October 21-22, 2006

Call for Papers

The Vietnam Center and the Center for the Study of Intelligence will co-host a conference at the Holiday Inn Park Plaza in Lubbock on Friday and Saturday, 20-21 October 2006. The theme for the conference is, "Intelligence in the Vietnam War."

The purpose of this conference is to examine intelligence activities in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and elsewhere as they impacted the Vietnam War. We welcome papers that discuss intelligence analysis and operations from all sides of the conflict and desire presentations that discuss US, RVN, DRV, VC, USSR, PRC, NATO, Warsaw Pact, and other intelligence activities as they related to the Vietnam War. While the focus will remain on historical events, it is our distinct hope that appropriate historical lessons might be drawn of more immediate application to current wars and conflicts. To that end, we are seeking paper and panel proposals on all subjects related to Intelligence in the Vietnam War to include but not limited to the following topics:

  • - Intelligence and counter-intelligence operations to include human, electronic, signals, and imagery intelligence
  • - Terrorism and counter-terrorism
  • - Infiltration operations into North Vietnam, the Viet Cong infrastructure, and elsewhere...
  • - Psychological operations
  • - The Phoenix Program, Provincial Reconnaissance Units, and other attempts to neutralize the VCI
  • - Rolling Thunder, enemy order of battle, the will to persist, and other analytical issues
  • - Inter-agency cooperation and conflict between the CIA, DIA, and other intelligence organizations
  • - The politics of intelligence (for example - the producer v. the consumer in the development of estimative products)
  • - The use of RAND and other private analytical resources as intelligence
  • - Etc...

This conference will offer students, scholars, intelligence officials, policy makers, and others with an excellent opportunity to discuss and learn from intelligence activities from America's longest war along with the many issues that surrounded these complex activities and events.

If you are interested in providing either an individual presentation or a panel discussion, please submit a proposal (single page or less) to Mr. Stephen Maxner, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Center at or call (806) 742-9010.

Deadline for submissions: August 1, 2006

Intelligence in the Vietnam War Conference Information