A Medical History of the Vietnam War

10 March - 12 March 2016
Holiday Inn San Antonio Airport - San Antonio, Texas

The views and opinions expressed in these papers, presentations, and videos are strictly those of the presenters and authors and do not represent The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive, Texas Tech University, or the State of Texas.

Friday, March 11th


[Prairie and Mesa Rooms]
8:00 AM : Welcoming Remarks

Moderator: Stephen Maxner, Ph.D., Director, Vietnam Center and Archive, Texas Tech University


    [Prairie and Mesa Rooms]
    8:30 AM Session 1: Medical Advising Programs in Vietnam

    Moderator: Sanders Marble, Ph.D

    • A Different Face of War: Memories of a Medical Service Corps Officer in Vietnam
      COL (R) James G. Van Straten Ph.D.

    • Praise the Host and Pass the Nuoc Mam: Medical Advisors in the Vietnam War
      MAJ (R) Scott C. Woodard MA

    [Prairie Room]
    10:30 AM 2A: Military Veterinary Service Missions in Vietnam

    Moderator: BG John Poppe, USA (Ret), US Army Veterinary Corps

    • History of US Army Veterinary Services in Vietnam
      BG John Poppe USA (Ret.)

    • US Army Veterinary Corps: US Army Veterinary Service Missions in Vietnam
      Kent Kerr Colonel (Retired)


    [Mesa Room]
    10:30 AM 2B: Medical Service Corps Combat Level Operations

    Moderator: Gus Kappler, M.D.

    • “Happy New Year Long Binh!” The 44th Medical Brigade in the Tet Offensive
      Donald Hall

    • Trauma Surgery at the 85th Evac. ’70-’71
      Gus Kappler MD

    • "Charlie Med," the Navy-staffed Charlie Company, 3rd Medical Battalion, 3rd MARDIV
      William Mahaffey


    [Canyon Room]
    12:00 : Lunch Presentation: Allen Clark, Vietnam Veteran


      1:30 PM 3A: Agent Orange: Lasting Legacy of War

      Moderator: Susan Schnall, BSN, FACHE; Assistant Adjunct Professor, School of Professional Studies, New York University; Honorary Doctor of Humanities, Ohio Wesleyan University

      • The Things We Leave Behind: Agent Orange and Unexploded Ordnance
        Paul and Susan Cox and Schnall

      • A Poisoned Land
        Jean Grassman

      • Healing the People
        Carole A. Baraldi RN, Ed.D.

      • A Daughter's Perspective
        Heather Bowser MSeD, LPCC


      [Mesa Room]
      1:30 PM 3B: The Medical Corps in the Vietnam War

      Moderator: Robert B. Daroff, MD

      • The Medical Corps in the Vietnam War
        Carl Gunderson Col MC (Ret)

      • Cerebral Malaria in U.S. Forces in Vietnam
        Robert B. Daroff MD


      [Prairie Room]
      3:30 PM 4A: Vietnam Redcatcher Medics of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade (1966-1970)

      Moderator: MAJ (R) Scott C. Woodard, MA

      • 199th Light Infantry Brigade Medics
        MAJ (R) Scott C Woodard MA


      [Mesa Room]
      3:30 PM 4B: Conscientious Objection and Veteran Protest during the Vietnam War

      Moderator: Stephen Maxner, Ph.D.

      • The Forgotten Medics of the Vietnam War
        Gary Kulik

      • GI Guinea Pigs: Veterans Protest Agent Orange
        Amy M. Hay


      [Canyon Room]
      6:30 PM : Special Vietnam Veteran Recognition Program

      Hosted by 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War Commemoration Program

        7:40 PM : Keynote Address

        Moderator: LTG Quinn Becker, USA (Ret), Surgeon General of the United States Army 1985-1988

        LTG Becker also served as the Chief, Professional Services, 85th Evacuation Hospital, United States Army Vietnam from February to May 1970 and then as Division Surgeon and Battalion Commander, 15th Medical Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), United States Army Vietnam from June 1970 top February Feb 1971.

          Saturday, March 12th


          [Prairie Room]
          8:30 AM 5A: Medicine on 'the Other Side' during the Vietnam War

          Moderator: Stephen Maxner, Ph.D.

          • "Do our best for the wounded” - The Creation of the Viet Cong Medical Department
            Alan Hawk

          • Winning Hearts and Minds through Medicine
            Professor C. Michele Thompson

          • Medicine on 'the Other Side' during the Vietnam War
            Rob Whitehurst


          [Mesa Room]
          8:30 AM 5B: The Involvement of Medical Allies during the Vietnam War

          Moderator: Sanders Marble, Ph.D.

          • Between Medical Humanitarianism and Cold War Engagement: German Medical Assistance Programmes for the Vietnamese People, 1966-1989
            Wolfgang Eckart

          • The Mercenaries of America: The South Korean military medicine and the sub-Imperialization of the Vietnam War, 1964–1973
            Jane Kim

          [Prairie Room]
          01:30 AM 6A: Australian Medical Experiences in the Vietnam War

          Moderator: Sanders Marble, Ph.D.

          • The Medical Legacies of the Vietnam War: An Australian Perspective
            Peter Yule Ph.D.


          [Mesa Room]
          10:30 AM 6B: The Impact of Disease during the Vietnam War

          • Malaria: A Soldier’s Story of the Vietnam War’s Second Front
            Dr. Dennis Graham PhD, RN, ANP

          • Viral Hepatitis in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War and in Vietnam era Veterans
            Dr. Bradford Waters

          • The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, the Field Epidemiology Survey Team, and Malaria and Plague in Vietnam.
            COL Andrew Cottingham


          [Mesa Room]
          1:30 PM Session 7: Mental Health Aspects of Service in the Vietnam War

          Moderator: Stephen Maxner, Ph.D.

          • Salient findings from US Army Psychiatry in the Vietnam War: Cautionary tale or perfect storm?
            Norman 'Mike' Camp MD

          • U.S. Military Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Healthcare in the 1970s
            Mike Doidge

          • Vietnam Veterans and Self-Medication
            Nicholas Efstathiou


          [Mesa Room]
          3:30 PM Session 8: Vietnam Veteran Care When There Are War Remnants

          Moderator: Sanders Marble, Ph.D.

          • Vietnam Veteran Care When There Are War Remnants
            Myrna Armstrong

          • Vietnam Veteran Care When There Are War Remnants
            Patricia Conrad