US National Security Policy & Military Strategy: Understanding the Environment for Contemporary Warfare

Sponsored by The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive and Department of Political Science
Texas Tech University, and
The Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College

September 15-16, 2010
The Overton Hotel and Convention Center
Lubbock, Texas

The goal of this academic colloquium is to discuss what is one of the most serious and difficult problems facing those responsible for US National Security Policy and Military Strategy, that is, how best to understand contemporary warfare and how best to combat global terrorism. The current struggle is not traditional in that the enemy is not a nation-state that has mobilized its military forces and civilian population against the US, demanding assessments of the appropriate levels and uses of force and the deployment and maneuver of military force. Rather, the war against terrorist networks can be viewed as a form of insurgency where policy makers and the military face well organized but loosely connected groups bent on inflicting property, human, and economic damage at any opportunity. The complexity of fighting such enemies requires policy makers and military strategists to address several essential questions so that US policy and strategy not only match but work together in a way that will allow for the ultimate defeat of those who use terror as their principal means of goal achievement.

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  • Overton Hotel and Conference Center
  • 2322 Mac Davis Lane
  • Lubbock, Texas 79401
  • 806-776-7000

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