Techsans in the Vietnam War: Profile

Techsans in the Vietnam War
  • Staff Sergeant William Richard Copeland

    20 September 1945

    TTU: 1964 - 1968;

    Class of '68

  • William Richard Copeland was born on September 20, 1945, and grew up in Meadow, Texas. He went to Texas Tech University in 1964 and graduated in 1968 with his Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Accounting. In May of 1971, he went to Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, where he was an air operations specialist with the 20th Special Operations Squadron. He left Vietnam in March of 1972. He is married to Norma Copeland and has three children: Chris Copeland, Chad Copeland, and Randa CopelandBarkley.