Oral History Project Interviews

The links below provide access to the interview audio, transcripts, and brief abstracts. Interviews online are in a streaming mp3 format and require a installed media player. Transcripts are in a PDF format and require a PDF viewer in order to be accessed.

Each interview will be transcribed verbatim, and transcripts for each interview will be available online as soon as the transcription and review processes are complete.

Browsing the Interviews

Researchers can now browse the Vietnam Archive Oral History Collection. Interviews are listed alphabetically by last name of the interviewee and include links to the audio and transcript (when available) of the interview. Many also include abstracts. Content of transcripts can be searched using your PDF reader's built-in Find feature. A separate page is also available to view newly added or completed interviews.

Researchers interested in searching for subjects across the oral history collection should use the Virtual Vietnam Archive search page.

  1. From the Virtual Archive Entry Page, click "Search the Virtual Vietnam Archive" in the left column.
  2. Click "Advanced Search" in the left column.
  3. In the right column under the "Narrow to Media Type" section, select "Oral History".
  4. Enter your search terms in the fields in the center section.
  5. Click "Start Search" in the left column.
  6. If the number of items retrieved is acceptable, click "Display Search Results". Otherwise, enter more search terms and click "Update Hits".

Other Oral History Resources

For more information on the interview process, go to the How to Participate section of this website.