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Accessing the Virtual Vietnam Archive

To search the Virtual Vietnam Archive, click "Search the Virtual Vietnam Archive" in the left column. Assistance with searching can be found in the Virtual Archive Tutorial, or on the help pages within the Virtual Archive. Information about Virtual Archive availability can be found on the Virtual Archive Notes page.

Unless otherwise noted, all items within the Virtual Vietnam Archive are © Copyright: The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University. "Fair use" criteria of Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976 must be followed. The following materials can be used for educational and other noncommercial purposes without the written permission of the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University. These materials are not to be used for resale or commercial purposes without written authorization from The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University. All materials cited must be attributed to The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University.

What is in the Virtual Vietnam Archive

The Virtual Vietnam Archive currently contains 7 million pages of scanned materials.

Types of material include documents, photographs, slides, negatives, oral histories, artifacts, moving images, sound recordings, maps, and collection finding aids. All non-copyrighted and digitized materials are available for users to download.

There are records in the Virtual Archive for copyrighted materials, but these items cannot be downloaded. The records are provided to let users know that the Archive has them. Please contact us if there is a copyrighted item you would like to receive a physical copy of (see Duplications Policies and Procedures for more information). Additionally, there are records for some non-digitzed materials, particularly some moving image and sound files, as well as serials and microfilm collections. Again, these records are provided to let users know of the item's existence. In some cases, the items will be digitized in the future.

The Virtual Archive is continuously growing, with new items added every day. What you are looking for may not be there one day, but could be the next.

The Vietnam Archive is a donation-driven archive - we only have those items that people donate to us. We collect and present all sides and viewpoints of the era. While a large portion of our collections are from military veterans, we are striving to increase our holdings in all other aspects.

What is not in the Virtual Archive

The bulk of the holdings of the Vietnam Archive tend to be more personal in nature - personal photographs, letters home, etc. While there are some official records, particularly from the USMC (see below), these are generally copies kept and donated to us by veterans or researchers of the war. The official records of the war are housed in the National Archives, with copies in some of the military branches' history museums. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

The result is that the Virtual Vietnam Archive may not have what you are looking for, especially if you are looking for official records or facts and figures. Try searching for your topic (be sure to use variations of your search terms), and if you don't find what you are looking for, try again in the future, or contact one of the Military Reference Offices referenced in the FAQ mentioned above. For basic facts and information about the war, you may have better luck using encyclopedias, or one of the many books or other websites concerning the war.


The Virtual Vietnam Archive includes images and text that may be of a graphic or disturbing nature that may not be suitable for some users.

USMC Document Collection

Rear view of AH-1G Cobra probably LZ Jane near Quang Tri: Barry Brown Collection [VA009621]
Rear view of AH-1G Cobra probably LZ Jane near Quang Tri
(Barry Brown Collection [VA009621])

For assistance in searching for documents from the USMC History and Museums Division, please see our Frequently Asked Questions

Other Ways to Access Digitized Materials

In addition to the search page, there are a variety of other ways to view digital materials on our website. See our Researching Online page for more information.

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