Tet Offensive: Finding Aids

Finding Aids describe whole collections, usually including a box or folder level inventory of the documents. They are a good way to quickly find large caches of documents on a single subject. To find individual documents, search the Virtual Archive http://www.vietnam.ttu.edu/virtualarchive/ using the keywords suggested on the introduction page.

Below is a list of finding aids and collection descriptions. Click on Open Finding Aid to view the complete finding aid.

Analysis of the Offensive

  • Collection #024
    • Larry Berman Collection (Presidential Archives Research)
    • Collection Size: 26.0 ft.
    •  Approximately 52 linear feet of documents collected by Larry Berman from Presidential archives, including the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library, and the National Archives document various aspects of Presidential and United States' policies during the Vietnam Conflict. Documents have a date range of 1954-1995, with the bulk of the documents originating from the war era (1954-1975). Documents... (more
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  • Collection #041
    • Central Intelligence Agency Collection
    • Collection Size: 8.0 ft.
    •  Eight linear feet of declassified documents of the United States Central Intelligence Agency document the Vietnam War, Vietnam, and Southeast Asia. The date range is from 1959 to 1987 (bulk 1962-1973). They contain situation reports of South Vietnam and Laos, (some monthly, others weekly); intelligence reports on North Vietnam or on special topics such as air capability; memoranda and other comm... (more
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  • Collection #044
    • William Colby Collection
    • Collection Size: 7.3 ft.
    •  The William Colby Collection consists of material collected by Mr. Colby during his tenure in Vietnam as a member of the US embassy and of CORDS (Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support) and after his duty as Director of the CIA. This is a period from approximately 1960 to 1972 that resumes again in the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. The material generally reflects Mr. Colby's resp... (more
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  • Collection #107
    • Glenn Helm Collection
    • Collection Size: 12.0 ft.
    •  Over 12 linear feet of documents, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, press releases, books, photographs, a map, periodicals, microforms and artifacts document various issues related to the Vietnam Conflict and the history of Indochina. Operational and intelligence reports, logistical and medical studies, Congressional hearings, political, economic and cultural materials, papers by individuals, group... (more
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  • Collection #1525
    • Ogden Williams Collection (USOM/Office of Rural Affairs, Saigon)
    • Collection Size: 5.0 ft.
    •  Approximately five linear feet of photographs, negatives, slides, museum objects, Ogden Williams' personal files, correspondence, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, Vietnamese currency, essays, Chieu Hoi material, and an oral history interview by Harry Maurer with Ogden Williams document Ogden Williams career in the Foreign Service, particularly his time with USAID, as Director of the Chieu H... (more
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  • Collection #1759
    • Barry & Margaret Zorthian Collection
    • Collection Size: 17.1 ft.
    •  Over 20 Linear feet of photographs, audio cassettes, audio reels, video reels, VHS and videocassette tapes, periodicals, books, maps, posters, museum artifacts, oral history transcripts, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, official military records and reports, bibliographies, PSYOP guides, pamphlets, booklets, congressional hearings and committee reports, correspondence and handwritten NYU no... (more
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  • Collection #177
  • Collection #213
    • Douglas Pike Collection: Unit 02 - Military Operations
    • Collection Size: 31.0 ft.
    •  The contents of this unit are reportorial in nature covering the day to day events of the war from the perspective of combat operations. The tone of these materials is to relate what happened on the battlefields of Vietnam with little analysis as to why certain policies were followed or how successfully they were pursued.. Since combat operations are conducted in an arena influenced by political... (more
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  • Collection #237
    • Douglas Pike Collection: Unit 09 - Graphics
    • Collection Size: 18.0 ft.
    •   The Graphics Collection comprises of printed graphic material documenting the various aspects of Vietnam Culture and Society before, during and after the conflict. The material covers military, political, diplomatic, social and cultural aspects in Vietnam to a larger extent and Southeast Asia to a lesser extent. There are many images of war from the period of United States involvement in the c... (more
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  • Collection #266
    • Herbert Schandler Collection
    • Collection Size: 0.6 ft.
    •  Two folders of documents and articles authored by Herbert Schandler and reviews of his materials document Herbert Schandler's service in the US Military during the Vietnam Conflict and his post-war research and publications about the war. Most materials date from the late war-era period and the post-war period and include reviews of Schandler's book, The Unmaking of a President: Lyndon Johnson... (more
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I Corps

  • Collection #280
    • Donald L. Swafford, Jr. Collection
    • Collection Size: 0.2 ft.
    •  Less than one linear foot of correspondence, a biographical sketch, photographs, slides, various books and miscellaneous artifacts document Donald L. Swafford's service with 3rd Battalion, Platoon 311, US Marine Corps, 1966-1970. Correspondence and images all date from the war-era and describe Swafford's experiences during training in San Diego, California and his three year tour of duty in Vietn... (more
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  • Collection #856
    • Kaye Biggar Collection
    • Collection Size: 0.3 ft.
    •  Twenty-one pages of printed photographs, including extensive captions and assorted copies of articles printed from the Internet document Kaye Biggar's military service in Vietnam. The photographs include images of Saigon in 1968, MACV Headquarters, US Agency for International Development office in Saigon, the Continental Palace Hotel, Saigon street activity before and after the Tet Offensive in 19... (more
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II Corps

  • Collection #034
    • J. Thomas Burch Collection
    • Collection Size: 1.0 ft.
    •  The J. Thomas Burch Papers consist of one linear foot of material which centers on Burch's tour of duty in Vietnam as a Captain in the U.S. Army's Special Forces, most of which is correspondence. Two folders contain a photocopy of Burch's diary, which is a handwritten daily account of the author's experiences from July 1967 to December 1968 as a Judge Advocate (JA) in the 5th Special Forces Group... (more
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III Corps

  • Collection #1368
    • Ron Leonard Collection
    • size not listed
    •  Photocopies of After Action Reports, Operational Reports - Lessons Learned, Army Aircraft Accident Reports, and Daily Staff Journals from the 25th Infantry Division collected by Ron Leonard from 1966 to 1970. Collection also contains an essay by Ron Leonard entitled Mole City; a World Affairs file from 1969; Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF) for Henry L. Quigley; slides from the 25th Infan... (more
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