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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Favorite Memories of Mid Autumn “Moon” Festival

Vietnamese Mooncakes. Photo courtesy of morning_rumtea (Lê Hoàn Nhã) (the photographer) and (morning_rumtea's Flickr page)

 Happy Mid Autumn “Moon” Festival. Today, Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 is the Mid Autumn “Moon” Festival.  It is a magical time for family and friends.

Pomelo. Photo Courtesy of Wikicommons.

  The Vietnamese American Heritage Archivist, Ann Mallett, has fond memories of living in Taipei, Taiwan and spending the “Moon” Festival with friends, barbecuing,  hearing stories about the beautiful woman in the moon, eating delicious fruits and mooncakes, watching children make hats out of Pomelo peelings (a large, pale green to yellow citrus fruit), and seeing the beauty of hanging and floating lanterns lighting the dark night.


Pomelo. Photo courtesy of wikicommons

 What are your favorite memories of the Mid Autumn “Moon” Festival? You can share your favorite memories and recipes for barbecue and mooncakes on our facebook.

Sliced Pomelo. Photo courtesy of wikicommons.

Pomelo photos courtesy of wikicommons

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