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Monday, September 15, 2008

Oral History Interview of Interest

We have recently posted to our Oral History web page an interview conducted with Mr. Michael Little. Little served in the Central Highlands with the 504th MP Battalion from August of 1967 until August of 1968. While in country, Little underwent a life changing experience when he developed a very close relationship with a group of Bahnar Montagnard children from a village near Pleiku. Following his departure from Vietnam in August of 1968, Little attempted to stay in contact with the children through friends in the 504th, but lost contact after the last of his buddies returned to the US. However, in 1994, after years of separation, Little was able to reconnect with his Montagnard family when the Vietnamese government opened the Central Highlands to foreign visitors. In this interview, Little recounts his experiences in Vietnam with particular focus on his continuing relationship with his Bahnar family. In addition to helping his “adopted” family, Little continues to aid the Montagnard people through his role as a board member of the Friends of Vinh Son Orphanage. Little’s story is one of a remarkable bond that could not be broken by time, distance, or the fortunes of war.

(Photo courtesy of Mike Little)

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