Robert S. McNamara: Still Images

The images listed below are photographs from individual soldiers, military photographers and others who have donated their photographs to the Vietnam Archive. The photographs for the most part are from the Vietnam War era and can be a good tool for visualizing the events of the war related through our documents or oral history interviews.

Please note that these images are only a sampling of the ones available from the Vietnam Archive. To find more use the advanced search module and the keywords suggested on the introductory page, narrow the media type to images in the right hand gray colored menu, click start search, then display search results and the database will display all of our Saigon: April 30, 1975 photographs.

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In the White House

In Vietnam

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    • Douglas Pike Photograph Collection
    • Vietnamese Briefing -- General Maxwell Taylor (left), chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, and U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (second from left) receive a briefing September 27 at Plei Mrong, Viet Nam, on actions of the Vietnamese Army's Special Forces. Secretary McNamara and General Taylor spent a week in the Southeast Asia country at President Kennedy's request to survey Vietn... (more)