The Teachers' Resources Web

The goal of the Teachers Resource Web is to aid educators and students who teach and take classes on the Vietnam War. The site is intended to assist teachers and students at all levels - from primary school to college. Site materials are designed to accommodate a range of teaching and learning situations from a single 50-minute lecture that is part of a general US history class to a semester or quarter-long dedicated course focusing exclusively on the Vietnam War.

It is our hope that the site will provide a place where teachers can share commonly used resources such as course outlines, lecture notes, lesson plans, and class assignments. We are also playing host to a discussion group so that participants can share information and teaching experiences directly with each other. The Vietnam Archive will also provide easy access and direct links to interesting and unique historical resource materials for use in classes to include images, documents, maps, interviews, film and audio recordings, and much more.

We invite you to be active participants in the development of this site so that it meets the many demands involved in teaching this controversial and exciting topic to students of all ages. To that end, you will find numerous links throughout the site that allow you to either submit materials to share with others or submit your comments and suggestions to help us improve this site. We hope you find the Teachers Resource Web helpful and will join us in making it the best resource on the Internet for teaching the history of the Vietnam War.

Please keep in mind that the views and opinions expressed in these online course materials are those of the respective authors and not of The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive or of Texas Tech University. The Vietnam Center and Sam Johnson Vietnam Archive has reviewed these materials for general scope and content but can not vouch for the factual accuracy of all of the information contained therein. You should review the materials before using them. If you discover any problems with materials at this site, please bring them to our attention by using our online comments form. Thank you!

Conducting Research - Students or Teachers

The Teachers' Resources Web includes a number of pages created specifically for students and teachers. These pages include lesson plans and other course materials donated by teachers, search links for certain subjects that will display all digitized materials in our collection on that subject, and links to other resources.

Teacher and Student specific pages:

To conduct more in depth research in the collections of the Vietnam Archive, please see our Information for Researchers page.