Submit Materials

Thank you very much for your consideration in making a submission to the Teachers Resource Web at the Vietnam Archive. There are several ways you can donate materials to this project:

  1. Email Submission: You can submit materials directly to the Vietnam Archive Teachers Resource Web by sending them as email attachments.
  2. Regular Mail Submission: You can also submit materials via regular mail. Such materials can be either digital files burned to CD or DVD or can be paper copies of materials. If you would like to submit materials in this manner, please send us an email message first so we can coordinate receiving your donation.

When you donate materials for inclusion in the Teachers Resource Web, we will create a collection in your name that will be part of the the Vietnam Archive. Any materials you donate will be a part of your collection. We will care for and preserve your collection materials using the same archival practices and procedures we use to preserve all of the materials in the Vietnam Archive. In that way, your materials will be available to teachers, students, scholars, and researchers for many generations to come and they will always remain a recognizable part of your collection within the Vietnam Archive. Once your collection is established, you can then feel free to submit additional materials at any time.