Saigon: April 30, 1975: Finding Aids

Finding Aids describe whole collections, usually including a box or folder level inventory of the documents. They are a good way to quickly find large caches of documents on a single subject. To find individual documents, search the Virtual Archive using the keywords suggested on the introduction page.

Below is a list of finding aids and collection descriptions. Click on Open Finding Aid to view the complete finding aid.

  • Collection #056
    • United States Congressional Documents Collection
    • Collection Size: 3.0 ft.
    •  The Congressional Documents Collection contains Congress and House of Representative reprints of committee reports, hearings and special sessions on a variety of topics. The material has been taken from a variety of sources though the base collection came from the Douglas Pike Collection donated to the Vietnam Archive between 1994-1997. The remainder of the collection came from individual donat... (more
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  • Collection #077
    • William Duiker Collection
    • Collection Size: 2.7 ft.
    •  Approximately three linear feet of books, periodicals, articles and manuscript documents detail Dr. William Duiker's research of various aspects of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people during and after the Vietnam Conflict. All materials range from the war era up through the 1990s. The document collection is divided up into four series. The first series includes information on the Vietnam Communis... (more
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  • Collection #1337
    • William E. LeGro Collection
    • Collection Size: 4.8 ft.
    •  Over four linear feet of books, maps, photographs, slides, videos, newsletters, periodicals, and documents detail William LeGro's service in Vietnam and his involvement in POW/MIA affairs. The collection includes documents from the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIAs and Task Force Russia; Notebooks kept by LeGro during his tours of duty in Vietnam, 1966-1967 and 1972-1975; Four volumes of congres... (more
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  • Collection #1971
    • Tommy A. Odiorne (O.D.) Collection (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood)
    • Collection Size: 0.1 ft.
    •  Less than one linear foot of medal citations, identification cards, and two memoirs titled "A Communications Guy's Involvement and a Perspective of the Vietnam War 1967-1976" and " A Communications Guy Remebers, a More Indepth Addition" document Tommy A. Odiorne's service in the US Army Signal Corps in Thailand and Laos with DEPCHJUSMAGTHAI. (open complete record
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  • Collection #213
    • Douglas Pike Collection: Unit 02 - Military Operations
    • Collection Size: 31.0 ft.
    •  The contents of this unit are reportorial in nature covering the day to day events of the war from the perspective of combat operations. The tone of these materials is to relate what happened on the battlefields of Vietnam with little analysis as to why certain policies were followed or how successfully they were pursued.. Since combat operations are conducted in an arena influenced by political... (more
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