Saigon: April 30, 1975: Still Images

The images listed below are photographs from individual soldiers, military photographers and others who have donated their photographs to the Vietnam Archive. The photographs for the most part are from the Vietnam War era and can be a good tool for visualizing the events of the war related through our documents or oral history interviews.

Please note that these images are only a sampling of the ones available from the Vietnam Archive. To find more use the advanced search module and the keywords suggested on the introductory page, narrow the media type to images in the right hand gray colored menu, click start search, then display search results and the database will display all of our Saigon: April 30, 1975 photographs.

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  • Link to PhotographItem #: VA027376
    • Lewis M. Stern Collection
    • Liberation of Saigon Celebrated -
      Carrying the portrait of Ho Chi Minh, South Vietnamese parade in down town Saigon on May 15 during the celebration which began under a light drizzle at the presidential palace, once occupied by South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu. All of the top leaders attended the opening ceremonies of three-day celebration, including Nuynh Tan Phat President, and... (more)
  • Link to PhotographItem #: VA027377
    • Lewis M. Stern Collection
    • Liberation of Saigon Celebrated --
      Carrying the banners, thousands of Saigonese are attending the rally staged in front of the Du Doc Lap (former presidential palace) in Saigon to celebrate the liberation of Saigon. During the rally, General Tran Van Tre, chairman of the Military Management Committee of PRG, and other leaders of PRG (Provisional Revolutionary Government) were presented to th... (more)
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    • William E. LeGro Collection
    • Buffalo Hunter (drone) photo of the DAO area at Tan Son Nhut. April 1975. The "DAO Building" is the former HQ MACV building. My office was about midway on the east side. It had been the office of the MACV Chief of Staff. In the building on the north edge of the tennis court were the living quarters for Gen. Murray, and later Gen. Smith. At the center of the right edge of the photo are the tr... (more)